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Taking A Much Needed Break



Today is Friday the middle of the month of September. It has been one big month with so many things happening and the weather going from extreme heat to a cool down then heat again! There is just so much going on daily in this city like the council looking for a new city manager to water rationing cattle being sold or shipped up north where food and water is readily available.


We have meetings on Fort Hood for the Wounder Warriors program, meeting new wounder soldiers returning home while others are being sent to San Antonio to the burn center. Then my own appointments at the VA. I keep a busy schedule all week but that gives me something to think about other than my pains and conditions. When you see others daily in worse shape than you it makes you feel you are doing OK! You've heard me say dealing with the funerals, the returning soldiers making adjustments, it makes me feel pretty good about my disabilities as a stroke survivor.


So I don't have time to think about how I feel or what I can't do cause many of these soldiers are needing help. I'm just glad to be alive. Many of them feel that same way. Then some of them are getting out the Army and looking for jobs doing something they can manage in their physical conditions. Others are retiring with over 20 years service, they get a monthly retirement check like myself. Some will get disability from the VA but that takes awhile with the paperwork being approved. Normally it comes in 10% increments or 30% in some areas of the body. At any rate it takes plenty time before payments are started. It took me ten years of applying and being approved.


So today I can go shopping, eat out, then meet with the old timers and tell war stories and lies and new jokes. Sometimes we count tattoos on shoppers and wonder what they paid for them. That's like recreation time where some people shoot pool, play cards or what ever for entertainment and a life break.


Life is good even when it's bad here we try to smile or grin and bear it most days. I may even try my (hand) at fishing this weekend. The ponds and lakes are really low so fishing from the pier may be safer cause should you fall off you hit dirt or mud. The catfish is being caught at the lake so that's where I will probably end up fishing. My neighbor works out there as a life guard but now that area is closed for the fall/winter! Not quite sure I'm ready for the paddle boats with one leg working good unless I can use two life vests.


Well let me start my day you all, I'll be back tomorrow maybe. My wife is off tomorrow with her honey do list for me so I'd better make good today what I can do not harassed by her saying "You can't do that yourself."





Just wanted to come back and tell you all it wasn't Friday the 13th but I caught several big fish. That means anything over 8 inches long. :big_grin: Plus I got most of them on the pier myself with one hand winding the reel and my weak hand holding the rod. I think I did good! It's been over 8 years since I went fishing. This time I had it in my mind I could do it myself and I did that!


My wife wouldn't let me attempt to clean the cat fish. I had one Bass about 12 inches long (as long as my shoe) I think. That was my surprise catch of the evening. We fish free and can keep whatever we catch being a handicap veteran. I'm bound to go again before it gets cold here. Then the Trout fish are running they tell me. :Tantrum:


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