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Military Veterans



Many of you know I'm here in Killeen Texas at the front gate of Fort Hood Texas. There are many veterans returning from the war zones. Many of them are hurt and disabled. Loss of arms/hands, legs/foot and brain injuries are just a few of the many injures they have suffered doing this Iraq and Afghanistan war. It's not over yet so there will be many other men and women returning home as Wounder Warriors by the time the order is given to end this war.


Some of them will be leaving the different branches of service returning home in their states. However many of them have settled their families here in Texas. From the looks of our economy jobs will not be very plentiful in any of the states. Finding jobs with the unemployment rate currently at 9.1% will be almost impossible for all of them.


Some of them will have the time in service and are eligible to retire. Some will be given medical discharges while others will still be undergoing treatments at the burn center in San Antonio Texas. Many of them have opted to remain on active duty while undergoing treatments to be fitted with prosthesis. Still others are now using power chairs and scooters to be mobile if they are having trouble walking. I've never seen this many soldiers having to use this much equipment doing all my 22 years in the Army.


One of the benefits available to us once we receive a 100% disability status is applying for the property tax exempt status on your homestead property. That saves lots of money each year when you own a home in any of the 50 US states! I just applied for mine today so each year that's a good little chunk of money you are saving each year. Even after the home is paid off we still have property taxes and insurance as everyone does.


Not owing any taxes will be a great saving over many years in your home. The money you saved can be applied toward upkeep and yearly maintenance to keep your home looking great. Owning a home and finding a job is essential to living a good life after your service years you gave to Uncle Sam!


Me being here has made life as a stroke survivor much more pleasant in the community among so many with disabilities too. We get together weekly for different meetings and functions to get the word out so no one is left out of the loop of living a disabled life. We all strive to help the next man or woman be all they can be and get all the benefits they are entitled to receive being a service connected Veteran.


If we have any veterans that may read this blog and are eligible to have your property taxes eliminated then go to your city tax office and let them know you are a veteran receiving 100% disability from the Veterans Administration (VA) and save your money. Make sure you keep applying for your benefits, don't stop cause then it just takes longer. There are VA rules to follow. :big_grin:



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