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This and that but mostly this:



These series of messages came from the locksmith forum, posted in the Non - Tech Forum, that's where we can talk about anything, work related or not. We have been doing this for a half decade or so, I forget when it started and since I had a stroke last July, I don't need to know that information. Here it is, I hope I did the editing right. - Rod



Subject: Message posted this evening, locksmith forum, secure,


Date: May 24, 2005 6:21:28 PM MST


My first message and the replies:


One of our social problems here on Planet Earth is how we look at being a human, a species of animal. There are many ways to look at it, unfortunately the general attitude is that it's way wrong to croak, dying is bad and should not be done.


Unfortunately this program is so out of sync with mother nature, it causes a lot of problems in life.


The human species are running v1.1 software, the human operating system. Humans are capable of running v10 or more, it's there for the download and the downloads are always free.


Some humans already run higher versions for one reason or another, look at Mr. A, Bell, that's a big plus then look at Phil Halderman, he's still on page one. Don't get me wrong, Phil makes a good street walker and he does get some really good tips from time to time so he is not a complete dud, not yet.


When I can no longer feed or wipe myself and there is no hope that I will be able to once again, I hope that someone has the kindness and love to take me out back, shoot me, drop me in a hole of good clean dirt and plant tomatoes and beets and such. - Rod




"I hope that someone has the kindness and love to take me out back, shoot me, drop me in a hole of good clean dirt and plant tomatoes and beets and such".


Hey buddy, I'm free right now.


What say we do it fathers day weekend, make it a day for your children to remember.


Get your measly affairs in order, put on a clean pair of camos.


Part your dingy, grungy, stringy, hair in the middle and give us a call.


Their ain't no use in you praying either, you burned that bridge long ago.


You wretched heathen! Phillip W. Halderman, north Miami, Fla.




Being called a wretched heathen coming from you, I consider a real compliment. Thank you, now we seem to finally be getting somewhere. - Rod






I read 'The Book of The Eskimos' years ago. When an old Eskimo feels he can no longer function, he walks out into the elements and freezes to death. I would rather do that than lay in a nursing home for years. The problem is, I hate cold so I live where it seldom freezes :-)


John Blankenship, American Canyon, Calif.




Here's the way I figure it John, we humans are aware that eternity exists, it is something that is never ending just like the universe. By that token, the possibilities of what can be has to be never ending, therefore what law says that life cannot create miracles?, that there isn't a limit to what we can create. All life in the whole of the universe is related and the last time I looked, equal. We may find ourselves on a warring planet but by golly, that does not mean that we are limited to only a warring planet although at times it seems so.


Humans are their own worst enemy, we do something really stupid, really dumb and then make a tradition that acts a lot like a large tub of Elmer's Glue.


It would be grand if humans jumped from operating system version 1.1 to a 2 but then everything would change and humans do not like change, it scares them, the thought of no longer being a human scares them even more, gads, me not being a species of animal... oh no, not I. - Rod Williams Phoenix, Az.




You could walk out into Death Valley. You would not last long there either.


Bill Mandlebaum, Bowling Green, Ohio




If I could make it 400 miles to Death Valley, I would be healthy enough not to do it :-) The Pacific Ocean is a lot closer and I wouldn't last long in there either. How come death row inmates get a free lethal injection when they don't want it while we can't pay for one if we do want it?


John Blankenship




Actually the convicted do not get a free lethal injection, it is billed to the estate of the deceased. If smiling releases endorphins then could one smile themselves to death?






I guess you'll have to murder somebody. And then wait twenty years for them to get your lethal injection ready...:-)


Arnie Bell, Montebello, Ca.




In 20 more cycles of the planet about the sun, the lethal injection of 2025 will be so much better that humans will be concocting it in their bathrooms. - Rod




That's as far as we've gotten, these messages are taking place in our Non-Tech Forum and we have been going at it for many years. I am the weird one of the lot, I am the only one to say such things as: Death can be fun and if there is anything in the universe that wants my worship, it can kiss my ass.




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