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Nothing Part two



Well it is 8:31 a.m. I am showered and dressed, it is raining again, listening to the mellow sounds of John Mayer. Love that guy, would love to meet him. So all in all a quiet time to ponder. Nothing was ramming the walls of my mind to ponder.....

Next week I'm back in my official job capacity on the site. I think I'm ready.... I think I have a good grip on everything. I'm not doing to bad on rounding out the edges of my post stroke life. I shouldn't say that as I am trying to be realistic and not convince myself to believe my own propaganda. Well this blog entry is just chock full of the word "I". Hmmmmmmmmm......Yes, Peter I know....."Who is this "I" that is being referred to?

Need to report that some enthusiasm is starting to creep back into my life. Pre stroke enthusiastic illustrated me to a "T" (think Mary cheerleader!) I smiled all the time and threw myself into everything I did with gusto. So that part of the lost me is returning. Along with that part of my old personality returning is the restlessness I've always had. I want to travel somewhere, have an adventure again like I did last summer in England. Maybe I will visit England again. I really enjoyed that trip. Maybe even go to Wales to visit Allan and Nan. That would be fun. I should really do the states first, but Europe was fun and an adventure.

Live out of a backpack again. Soak up the charm, mystical history of England.


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