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To blog about nothing



I don't have anything to blog about specifically.I'm sure something will pour out of me. I feel like I am on a even keel emotionally and mentally. That is some progress.... I've gotten beyond the spouse and the neighbor. I'm convinced she will be my revenge. Ha! sick way to look at something and deal with it, but that is how I work.

The other afternoon the Ty clone was here, he gave me his business card with cell phone number.... yeah, like I'll ever use that or need it. Mr. clean came in and fixed my thermastat. Gotta love renting. It is pleasent to have guys fix and do what I want done...... Henry stopped by today to make sure I was "comfortable". Henry is my 70 something real landlord. Henry also kept asking me if there was anything I wanted done or fixed. I finally was grinning at him telling him to stop creating a monster, I could get used to having guys do all I wanted. The lawn is mowed, the gardens are weeded. Guess I've owned my own home too long. But I do love it here. Plus I still am the only tenant he has rented to yet. I told him it had its benefits being the only one here. Quiet and peaceful. I invited him in offered him a seat, we chatted for a few. He loves how the apartment is decorated.

He was so cute, being so formal and poolite(is he british????) I kept telling him, I wasn't so formal, to relax. I get impatient with the stages and formalities of getting to know someone. I have a tendency to be casual and informal with everyone. That may be a telling sign...."Watch out world, here I come!



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What a great blog!! What do you mean you don't have anything to say. Three men all at your beck and call?? Geez.


All that gets done at my house too, but I'm the one doing it. What's wrong with this picture?


I hope you don't have anything to say tomorrow too. biggrin.gif

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I know what you mean about renting. The only nice thing about living in an apartment (right after Don's stroke) is that that had a great service department that answered calls within 24 hours or you got your rent free. Just loved that maintenance!!



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Hey anytime you want to come East, you can sleep on the sofa, it is comfortable. I might as well share the wealth. Normally, I'd never be able to use the words men and willing in the same sentence. But I do seem to have an abundance of willing men around.....


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hey Pam:


I am so happy for you, any good looking but oops i m married, but no harm in looking and flirting eh. I am glad you are able to deal with ur hubby and neigbhour little better now, that's the strong pam i know.

I really feel bad that I found this site pretty late, when I was well adjusted to my anti depression pills that's when I found you guys not fair, would love to know u guys better,


love asha

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