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Words from my mom



Remembering back, I think of the things that overwhelmed my mom. She would make statements like "I feel like the ocean waves are coming over me" when the tyranny of the urgent would flood in.

She would refer to her sister-in-law as a rattlesnake because the SIL would lie to her face and steal from my Grandparents.

She would always make a positive comment about how she thought I was pretty,etc. I miss those positive affirmations. Hubby never has said he thought I even looked nice let alone pretty. Even when I was pretty,skinny.

My mom died in 1999, 2 years before my stroke.


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I know exactly what you mean about missing your mom's positive affirmations. My dad thought I could walk on water and I miss having him in my life. Other people can give you compliements, but the ones you get from a parent seem the sweetest.



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I can appreciate what your saying. My Dad died 6 1/2 months before I got married. He always showered me with compliments and a positive attitude. Then, 7 weeks after my husbands stroke, my Father in Law passed away. I always said I was his biggest fan, and he was mine. I was so very close to him. I could do no wrong in his book. I truly miss him. Thank God for memories.


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You've got a great overall blog. I especially love the cat stuff (as my 20lb maine black person sits curled on my feet, you've nailed cats, they do feel they are God). Also the stuff on waiting to enjoy life really hit home. Feeling esp. down, just lonely, DH works long hours and the kids are new teens and life in general is throwing me.


You make me appreciative my parents are both still alive to put up with me (they're 75) and this crappy stroke (a "done' to me-chiro caused one). When there are various aspects of my newer life(now 21/2 yrs and still trying to adjust, have my good days mostly but then some days i don't) to get used to I will try to turn it and find the things to be appreciative of when general life gets to me. While I can never say I'd be glad to have this, I will cull from it what I can, not saying that its not made me older and wiser or at least more sage. You've put together a good group of thoughts..

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