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Shopping Bumps!!!



Somebody give me a few thousand dollars please! I've got shopping goosebumps and Jerry's taken away my credit cards!


I got this great catalog in the mail today and I had to share.


It's called The Country House. www.thecountryhouse.com


I swear, I've spent the last hour writing up "orders" for things I really can't afford to buy.


And as soon as I can physically do it - I'll be "stealing" half the ideas in the catalog to replicate them myself.


Jean's into antiques, Pam got the new apartment , we've got some really crafty women here and - You guys will love this! Well, I think you will anyway!


I bet there's a way to replicate a lot of this stuff a whole lot less expensively too. Anyone want to try?


Ok - I'm strange but, the berry vine valance and swags match the wallpaper border in my kitchen! And the powder room has a hydrangea border that will go with everything on page 64 AND 65! I think they made this catalog just for me!


I had to share, "shopping bumps" are one of the few "diseases" that you hope people will give you!


Let me know what you think -







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Hey Vicki,

I got that catalog. My copy is very dog eared though. I too have been lusting after stuff on the pages of it. I love that catalog.


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I have never seen/heard of it before. Thank you for sharing with the group. On the antique replica's I saw a cast iron mammy that my Granny has in her home. Pretty cool.


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I think I'll avoid that catalog for now. I finally got my master-debit card from the bank and I don't need an excuse to start using it for things other than mail order disability supplies.


Ok, I admit....I'm a guy and I like shopping and interior decorating.



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OK, I signed up for a catolog. In 4-6 weeks I can get bumps too... I would look at the online catalog but my slow dial up makes it too frustrating... wink.gif


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I just had to look at their site. Why?


Well, the catalog should be here in 4-6 weeks. They actually have a wooden ladel. I love cooking with wood utensils.



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