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I decided not to go down to the facility Lisa is at last night. I had work, then a cheerleading meeting (also the only man there) for our daughter, then went grocery shopping. It was 7:30 by the time I was done and totally wiped out, earlier than most days. I called Lisa on her cell phone (she is able to answer it when given to her and her speech has improved greatly) and told her I was staying home. She said it was O.K. and that I would see her tomorrow.


I couldn't leave it at that. I am still at that stage where separation is a problem for me. Now, I know that I will hear "It will get easier with time" or "You need time for yourself". We spent almost every waking moment together!! We enjoy each other's company so much that there doesn't need to be anyone else around.

The separation has been the hardest thing for me to deal with. I mentally can never get away. And, truthfully, I don't want to yet.


Lisa has an appointment with her Rhumatologist today about her Lupus. There is a problem with it, more of a routine check-up. She is still on a rather high dose of Prednizone and the doctor would like to take her off it quicker. We are all for that. She will be on Prednizone and Coumadin for the rest of her life. At, least her Med-induced Diabetes has gone away.


Thank you to all of you who have read and posted comments in my blog. I have read parts of yours. It would take a while to read them all smile.gif. I did read most of Michael's though. It has helped me realize what I will be going through because I can relate. Thank you.


Having a good day,


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Glad my blog could be of help smile.gif


I will tell you that you do need time for yourself, but that comes when you're being constantly put through the caregiver ringer.


I say "time heals all wounds", never will I say "it'll get better with time". The pains heal, but like a healed wound, there's a scar that will never go away. It doesn't get better, you just learn to tolerate it better.


Even when you can't visit, it was and is good to call. At least she knows you love and support her. biggrin.gif



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