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What No Strippers????



Tomorrow I have a Stag Party for one of our family friends. We will all be playing golf in the morning then a BBQ at my in-laws house. They have a HUGE yard and hold many of our family functions there. I called my brother-in-law to get details. I thought by playing golf at 11:00, BBQing at 4:00, then going out for what guys do best at a Stag Party, it sounded like a long day.


He tells me that we will only be playing golf and having a BBQ. WTF??? No going out and getting so drunk you can't see straight? beer.gif No piling 20 guys and riding in the back of a U-Haul truck for miles to some bar in the sticks? No strippers?? Are we all that old? Is the kid in all of us gone? The last stag party we were all at was the dirtiest, nastiest, raunchiest spectical I have ever been a part of. I was looking forward to all of it. With what I have gone through the past three months, I could have used it.


Lisa had an appointment with her Rhumatologist yesterday to check the result of her bloodwork. All of her blood counts, kidney, liver, and joints were normal. Very good news for her. The dosage of Prednisone she takes will be tapered off at a faster rate than prescribed. The Prednisone gives her a rounded-face look that she hates. A lower dose will reduce that.


One more thing. A friend of Lisa's is getting married today. The wedding is being held at a small upscale restaurant in the lower level of the building. The lower level isn't handicap accessible. She expected myself and two or three other big guys to carry her down the stairs to attend. I'm sorry, but for her own safety, I refused to take her. She somehow blames me for not letting her go. Like I am not allowing her to do the things she wants to do. That is far from the truth. I am still nervous about outings.


That's it for now. Thanks, Butch


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Hey Butch,

Just keep explaining to Lisa your reasons for not taking her. If she is anything like I was, it was full steam ahead and damn the consequences! I had lost that filter to reason safety things, I became impulsive and put myself in some predictments that I shouldn't have been in. In time, she'll understand, but explain it to her at the time because when I was told "no", I resented it and it fueled my anger.

Also, who needs strippers anyway????? beer.gif

Enjoy your day of golf and BBQ-ing.


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Hi Butch,

You're blogging about the non stripper outing had me cracking up. I know if one of my friends were getting married and it was the "night out" I would certainly expect them. I agree, it's really raunchy and yet fun too. I've been to a couple of them and had a blast except for the major hang over the next day.


I agree with Pam.....continue to explain to her why. My husband really had no concept of the dangers of some of the things he tried to do too. It wasn't until he fell over a 4' high board and damaged his leg did he finally listen to my reasonings. Good luck and I hope you enjoyed your non stripper outing!! lol_2.gif


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