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waiting to enjoy



I've never seen the movie Waiting to Exhale, but my imagination possibly has more meaning to me than the actual movie would.

I've actually lost sleep stewing about how I've screwed my life up.

Exactly what is it that would make me happy?

Have I had that element and just not recognized it?

What was it that I thought I needed to have in order to feel fulfilled? to feel loved?

I had many guys who goo goo-ed over me and I resented them for some dumb reason. silly.gif


What was/is wrong with me? Why did I reject those nice guys? Did/do I have a princess complex? Why can't I just be satisfied with what I have? What is my malfunction?



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Don't you think your asking these questions from a 20/20 hindsight perspective? I don't know if you can answer them. Maybe they weren't what you needed at the time. You know, we need certion types of people at certion points in our life, for different reasons.


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