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Real Food....Finally!!!



Two posts in one day....what's wrong with me????


Lisa had "real" food at lunch today. She has had pureed food for a few weeks and I go down to Bayshore every day to monitor her swallowing (kinda keep an eye on her). She has been doing very well the past week. Had no bouts of coughing and has controlled her tempo and bite size very well. Lisa had concerns that if she took longer than the other residents they might cut her off.


Today, she was having her normal pureed lunch (not the most appetizing for those of you who know) when her Speech Therapist walks in. He had a dish in his hand. He pops off the lid and takes out two pieces of meatloaf. Lisa looked at it confused for a moment, then almost started to cry when it sunk in. It was the first solid food she has had for three MONTHS!!! What a HUGE step for her. He also said that she would be getting two meals a day instead of one. I am so excited for her. bouncesmile.gif She has worked so hard that it's about time she sees some rewards.


Now, if we can only get rid of her trach.... bigwink.gif


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What a benchmark moment for Lisa! Recovery is underway!!!! Give her my congratulations.


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Wow, how wonderful. I would have a cow if someone came in and gave Dad meatloaf. So would Dad...I know what you mean about the trach. I will be hoping that will happen soon.

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