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I jumped!



I should be celebrating! I jumped! Two feet in the air, one glorious movement a gymnast would have been proud of.


Before you cheer - I'll tell you the rest of the story.....


Someone had used a saucer for a butter dish, and I was washing dishes. I wanted to be sure the saucer was clean... you know ... no melted hints of oilyness in the recessed area of the saucer.


Well, I dropped the saucer and that's when it happened.


My brain told my body to jump out of the way of what surely would be shattered glass. My body got the message and I jumped!


Of course, I jumped firmly to the right, landing in my barefeet on the shattered saucer.


lol_2.gif My foot looks like it danced on glass, and it hurts like the devil. Which is good - feeling pain is better than feeling nothing. And I can say I jumped!


Just next time I plan to jump out of the way.




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Great news on the progress. But I still question if you are a natural red head and you weren't born with different color hair???????? biggrin.gif


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Congrats on jumping!


Now get some iodine and round up someone to clean the mess up.



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