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I own Sesame Street!



J left me at home without a car (HIS is in the shop) while he's gone down to Illinois for a party. I'm ok with that because, I didn't want to go anyway.


At about 8 o'clock his family is ready to take turns dancing on tables and I'm ready to go to bed.


But, being all alone, I did something just for me, something my husband would be bored with. I started watching the auction on PBS.


After 4 hours, I figure I own Sesame Street and I've subsidized Ken Burns' next documentary! And the Antiques Roadshow owes me big time!


I'm taking a break only because I can't afford to bid on two weeks in Mexico, and I'd be bored and seasick on a cruise to Alaska.


What's amazing is the amount of items available that I never knew I needed! And they keep telling me what a deal I'm getting!


I've bought gourmet chocolates, a game of golf at Trapper's Turn for Jerry, dry cleaning ($20.00 worth for $5.00!) and more!


The auction goes on all night! I plan to set my alarm for 2 am - and no one will be awake to out bid me!


Wait until Jerry finds out we now own Sesame Street ....


He shouldn't have left me at home alone. bouncesmile.gif


Ooh they're selling Cherry Wine and high bid is a dollar - it's a 20.00 value! Any takers - I'll bid for you! Want to own a piece of Sesame Street?






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Don and I love those PPS auctions, too. We've both bought and donated to them. What is the Sesame Street you bought, a game? I want details of your latest purchase.



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Jean- I figure I spent so much money I should OWN the whole street! - lol


The "fry - daddy" (something I'll never use since the stroke) was going for $2.00 - it's a "$44.00 value - I bought it for $3.00!


I'm not done "shopping" yet - and I got the Cherry Wine for $3.00 - I've never heard of wine made out of cherries - but, what a deal - lol!


Someone should take away my credit cards!


We're worrying about how to make Katie's tuition - and how to pay for Ryan's $6,700.00 braces, and I'm buying a "fry - daddy" - how brain damaged is that!?


Back to the Auction ......

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Ummmm, can I interject something here? It is called loss of impulse control. I thought J had taken your credit cards away? Besides, is something really a deal, if you'll never use it or need it? What a way to spend a saturday night. I now don't feel as bad about the state my life is in, you've joined me Vicki! uhm.gif


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Pam ~ You just saved me when the credit card bill comes in!


"Loss of impulse control" - now I have something to blame it all on!

And I thought I was just having fun bidding on stupid stuff that nobody else wanted!


Realistically, I was in control ....


- except for the bid on the "weekend in Alma, Wisconsin"! At two in the morning, I let Katie bid $15.00 on that $2,000.00 value.


(But, it was only after we couldn't find Alma on a map, and we both thought it was hysterical that they'd list a weekend at a bed and breakfast there for $2,000.00!)


It went for $16.50 - so, I guess someone else stayed up who had more "loss of impulse control" than me. Either that or they live in Alma, Wisconsin! - LOL


Honestly, it was better than watching re-runs of "Trading Spaces". My Saturday nights are really exciting!




P.S. You're getting a "fry-daddy" for Christmas! - roflmao.gif

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Alma, Wisconsin. Hmmmm......I haven't seen that on any COPS shows.

16.50 might be a real deal.

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Vicki: Wisconsin has some beautiful, secluded resorts. Now I feel bad that I didn't bid on that one! Take a look at what could have been your vacation view for under $20.00. http://www.almawisconsin.com/


Pam: Auctions are all about lossing your impulse control. If you don't do that at least once per auction, you're not having fun.



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can you tell me how to get, how to get to SESAME STREET? i wanna go there and live. and now that i have a friend with part ownership, i have my foot in the door!!!!!! lol



kim beer.gif

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"Come and play, everything's A- OK, friendly neighbors there is where will meet, can you tell me how to get - how to get to Sesame Street?"


Ok not to hijack my own blog But, this other ditty has been going off in my head for 2 days! Ever since Kim started singing the Sesame Street theme!


Does anyone remember Zoom? It was pbs broadcasting.


" Write Zoom - Z - double O - M box 350, Boston Mass 02134 - send it to Zoom"


I can't remember if I let the dog out yesterday, - and I've got some address in Boston attached to a tune floating around in my brain! And I don't even remember watching the program! I think I was 10 or 11 when Zoom was broadcast.


Oh mi God - that means that address has been taking up space in my brain for 33 years! And I can't remember my daughter's cell phone number! yikes.gif

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i know, i can't get it out of my head either!!!!! and YES pam, i will suck up to anyone who can get me back to sesame street!!!!! lol. i don't remember zoom, but i DO remember mr rogers and the show the electric company, and captain kangeroo with mr green jeans. i watched mr rogers ( no one else knows this) until he retired!!!!!!! i cried when he died.


my favorite mr rogers show( yeah i watch re-runs too) was the one where he buttoned up his sweater the wrong way. he turned it RIGHT around to make a lesson. "..... look children , i made a mistake?? can YOU spell MISTAKE? adults make mistakes too, just like children. ..."

or something to that effect. i LOVED the man. he was certainly no pee wee herman. what a class act.


and remember the theme song to electric company and the lyrics ALL kids used in place of the REAL words to the theme?


comet it makes your face turn green

comet it tastes like listerine


it makes you vomit

so get some comet

and vomit





yeah, i can remember that crap, but have no IDEA what i ate for breakfast, or IF i ate at all, and have ALL phone #'s saved on speed dial. should my cell die on me, i could'nt call ANYONE, probably not even my own home phone!!!!!!


go figure

kim biggrin.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

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