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Social Security and the Benefit



Lisa received a letter in the mail yesterday from SS Disability Determination Services. As soon as she had her stroke, one of the first things I did was contact SSI for her. At the time, getting her signature was quite a task. Anyway, the letter stated they are unable to determine if she will be at a disabling level for 12 months. 12 MONTHS!! All I could think was WTF!!! Who makes this determination? Have they even seen her? If she won't be "at a disabled level for 12 months" that's great. I'll take that in a minute!!! No, you SS people seem to know what's going on. When can I expect her to return to normal and go back to work. I'm sure she would like to know. It just floored me. Lisa has been out of work since Feb. and I'm sorry I don't see her going back any time soon. End of Rant.


On to good news. I got some information on Lisa's benefit. First, her mom applied to some outfit that matches funds raised at benefits and we were approved. Great news!!! With all the donations and proceeds raised I will be adding an addition on to our house. We currently do not have a bedroom or bathroom on the first floor. It would make things alot easier for her.


Some of the things donated for the silent auction are amazing. Like 2 tickets to a Vikings game, a $500 pair of earrings, a autographed baseball signed by Mariano Rivera, a microwave, $200 in gas coupons, plus many more.


Where did it all come from?? It just boggles my mind. The amount of work that must have gone into this. I haven't done a damn thing!! How can I possibly thank all the people involved in pulling this off? We are both so grateful.




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SSI and SSD is a nightmare. I told them point blank that Kathy couldn't sign the papers when I applied for her, and they didn't give me any grief about that.


I know what you mean about wanting to thank people for their help, but not knowing who to thank. Seems things happen in the background and we don't realize it until the results are sitting in front of us.


Hope everything works out;


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I did have her sign though. I make sure I have a notary public present every time we fill out paperwork. Her signature looks like a kid signed it. Obviously.

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The bottom line is that SSD makes everyone wait a year even if you're flat on your back missing three limbs. They save a ton of money with that rule and the government mucky mucks think everyone can burn up their assess in the meantime. And most of us do just that. It's sad to say but few of us get to continue our current standards of living...we downsize and do what we have to do to wait out that year.



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I just finished the process of applying for SSDI a few months ago so I can tell you a little bit about the process. Here are the rules: They will start paying disability benefits 6 months after you are considered totally disabled. They consider you totally disabled if you are unable to do any type of work for at least a year. My husband

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Yeah... I did the phone interview for Lisa. She was still in ICU at the time and pretty much out of it. I told yesterday that they needed new information later this month. TWO WEEKS FROM YESTERDAY!!! Is two weeks going to make that much difference? I'm not doctor, but I don't think so. It seems like, to me, that they make you wait until there is a chance SS can find a reason the deny the application.

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