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Brezie's blog for today



Today was a rainy, lazy day at best. We done our usual: sleeping, talking, playing on the pc, watching tv, spending time with my son.


We're thinking about our vacation next week to Cocoa Beach...it's going to be great. Gonna spend about a week there. Hope the weather holds out.


We have our moments of uncertainty on both parts, but we do communicate. I believe that is a major key in any relationship. Especially special ones.




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Hi, tell us more about yourself, I went to the 'About Me' link and saw the large picture of your face but no other info.

How old is your son?

Where do you live?

Did you work outside the home?


I am a hopeless romantic and so I enjoy reading about successful marriages. How many years?



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janice honey her son is 9 im her man she speaks of we r not married < yet> flowers.gif

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you are right brezie,


communication is the key. have fun at cocoa beach. i havent been in YEARS but i loved it.



kim cocktail.gif

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