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Another day



I know that I haven't posted in awhile but I have kept up with what is going on thru my bf. This morning I read "unusual behavior" on the message board and I had to put my 2 cents in. I definitely do NOT consider myself a "caregiver" for my bf, since he is more than capable of caring for himself. I see myself as his love...as one would in any relationship where 2 people care and love one another. This is not to say that everything is always perfect. Nothing ever is. But the strength is in our love for one another. Ours is no different than what others might consider as normal...But is any relationship ever "normal"...I don't think so. Each relationship is unique in its own way and is established by the individuals that are a part of it. I tick him off at times and he ticks me off at times and we can both laugh at it at times... pash.gif

He got to meet my dad yesterday...I think it went well.

Today is a new day and I await what new experiences that occur and even some of the ususal ones.


I do want to add that thru my bf, I have gained a greater admiration and respect for stroke survivors!!

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well thank you very much my love for the compliment i allways look foward to each and everyday i can spend with you life is wonderdfull when u have a love like ours i love you babygirl smooches and huggs

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