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New inventions - Humbug!



For at least 7 years I have been buying my meds at Target. Like most drug stores, they used the amber plastic bottles for your order of pills/capsules. The size depended on the quantity and the size of the product. About a year ago, they switched to red which is "their" color. It didn't matter what color it was but being a recycler, I loved the bottles for "stuff" namely, a small amount of money to carry at work, rubber bands, paper clips, seeds etc. Well now, they went to a huge amount of expense and have gone to a new concept. Some young designer in her late 20's, I believe, (who probably has never really taken more than an ocassional aspirin) came up with the design. While the idea is good, the bottle is good for nothing - too clumsy. They stand on their heads so that the name in large letters is on the top so wrong med isn't taken. They have a colored band they put on neck for each family member (6 colors available) so wrong bottles aren't taken and they have a description sheet that slids in a pocket type contraption which sticks out.

Safety? definitely; like it? HUMBUG! Wonder what this is going to do to the price..... uhm.gif

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i HATE it when something i am used to and comfortable with suddenly CHANGES without warning. it can be something small like a credit card renewal in a different color changes after ten years. or the water company changing from paying every two months to every month, or max factor renaming the make up i've been buying for twenty years. that kinda stuff really THROWS ME FOR A LOOP!!!!!! LOL. more so now, than before stroke.



and you can bet your ASpirin bottle that this will affect the price and not in a positive way. i do, SO , understand AND EMPATHIZE.



KIM yikes.gif

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