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Dollar Store Junkie



Ok, I confess. I'm a dollar store junkie. How about you? I couldn't help it; they are everywhere. Have you noticed that you will find a dollar store in every strip center and shopping center, along with the customary Chinese and/or pizza shop? And for the last 1-1/2 years, even my favorite store, Target, has had them. What's an addict going to do? I even know of a shopping center that has two right next to each other! Yesterday, I went to Target for medicine and as always there was that "It will be ready in "10" minutes", so I head to my favorite places- I've already been to the garden shop since I park there. There are usually plenty of parking spaces at that end of the store, and they always have several shopping carts right at the entrance. I still visit the 50 and 75% off racks, but now I've got a small dollar store, right there near the cash registers. Yesterday was no different from other times and yes, I found gems - each a dollar and well worth the money. I got a hammer to replace the one I lost that I use to break the ice when I service the coffin type freezer unit at work. A little tap and it's ready to use the ice scraper on. (And here's a tip if you have a freezer that isn't self defrosting. Spray lightly with a cooking spray and the ice will come right off.) And I got a spatula and tongs that are for a BBQ. The longer handles make them great for a stroker who has a hand/arm that has a mind of it's own. I find that and always mitt style potholders great if you do any cooking. $3.00 well spent, don't you think? Maybe in my spare time I should form a new group, Dollar Stores Junkies Anonymous. I think it would have a lot of members. lol_2.gif


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ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is a SPECIAL THRILL TO THINK I AM SAVING MONEY. !!!! in fact, the dollar stores have some NICE stuff , if you are willing to take the time to look. we have one on every corner around here too. many with name brand things at discount prices!!!!! i could be a star on an infomercial about dollar stores. the ONLY thing i DON'T like about them, is they make you spend REAL money( lol) none of them take credit cards, around here anyway.



dollar store junkie in alabama

kim wavey.gifwavey.gif

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Let me quickly hide my Family Dollar bag before I post........


There's nothing wrong with being a Dollar Store Junkie... or if there is, then I'm in the "something's wrong with me" club. I went on my dollar store shopping spree yesterday for some cleaning supplies, and ended up buying some new shirts for Kathy that she wanted.


Besides, why spend $6.00 on a can of air freshener when you can get a bigger can of air sanitizer for $1.00?


Ok, next Saturday we're all getting together and hitting all the dollar stores. SHOPPING SPREE!



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Dollar stores are yesterday's dime stores. What fun I had as a kid going to the 5 and dime store. Which was the whopping sum of money I was allowed to spend...a nickel or dime... A nickel could buy a huge treasure of candy or a wonderful toy.


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I have a confession to make. I've only been in a dollar store once. Before that first time in there, I had always refused to step foot in one. My mother thinks they're wonderful.


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Dollar stores are fun when you're broke but you want that high of spending money. I've never been in one that I didn't find at least one thing that I didn't know I wanted until I saw it. When I was a kid we called them dollar stores.



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