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My mother used to say- I've lived at a wonderful time, Look at all the new things I've seen- As I get older, those words really make sense. Yesterday I thought about this when at one of the stores I service as a merchandiser. Do your stores have some of their checkout counters that are completely self serve? Maybe you are the type who likes someone else to do it for you, but these are cool. From start to fuinish you are guided through the process. There is a human person who sees over the 6 checkouts to help you if necessary as well as "look-out for the store's good". I honestly think I buy more because I enjoy playing with the gadget. It makes you wonder what the future will bring.


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i HATE them. i want a human being to check me out. i remember back in the early 80's when i took a banking course on "future technolgy" and we were introduced to atms, ( no one had heard of them yet) and those SYMBOLS on our phones that would eventually allow banking by phone. i coudn't BELIEVE it would happen in my lifetime.


i want to get in a time machine and go back and live in the 18th century. oh sure, all this "techno" stuff makes things more convenient, but at what price? sure, i'll "keep up" cause this is the now, and i have to live in it, but i don't want to live in this century.


i want to live in a more simple time when people KNEW their neighbors, and family was the most important thing. when people had to grow their on food, enjoyed barnyard dances, spent time at the beach creating art, listening to the harpsichord with the parlor permeating with classical music,( i guess it would be modern then) and making love to your husband or wife was the highlight of the day.


i want to live in a time when death was accepted and not prolonged. i want to live in a time when men were proud and protective of their women rather than competing with women for staus, money, or jobs. when having a baby was a joyous occasion for all of the townspeople and they were born of a man and woman in the conventional sense and not from a test tube or petri dish, when going to the theatre was a special event and talented arists with real feeling took the place of the ritz and glitz and emptiness of today's entertainment.


i want to live in a time when beauty was real, and not the product of pounds of makeup, plastic surgery, and fancy camera work. when skinny dipping in a pond was exihilerating and not "dirty". when lifelong friendships were the norm and divorce unheard of instead of commonplace. when children respected their parents and authority was respected.


i REALLY want to go back to that time with my knowledge of the centuries to follow so i could have a greater appreciation of the times. since that isn't possible, i'll live my life to the fullest in the century(s) where i have landed. and i will be thanful that it wasn't in the 22 or 23rd centuries!!! by then . people won't even have to talk, read, eat, or think, probably, assuming there ARE still people and not robots or "pseudo" people.


that's my take , albeit long, of the check out computers!!!!!


my "dollars worth"



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