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I am so fatigued that I wish I could stay in bed all day for several days to catch up. Yesterday it really hit. I had to drive about 40 miles to the place where I was to work. When I got there, the people I was to see were all gone for the day. They start at 5, I believe. To me that's turn-over time. I managed to get home and go back to bed, and slept until my dog informed me that she was hungry. Then I played around on the computer and of course had to go to chat. Decided to watch Jay Leno's 1st 15 minutes, so left the computer on to finish an application I was starting, and woke up at 2:30 am! So, I shut off the computer and went back to bed and made it to about 7am and our morning walk. It is now 9:30 and I am ready to go back to sleep, but have to go to work. Doesn't make sense with all that sleep, although piecemeal, I shouldn't be so tired! But then, I'm a stroker and when I was told I'd sleep a lot, guess they meant from then on and on and not just initially. Any ideas of how to snap this feeling? A COLD shower may shock me too much! Maybe, just a short nap.........zzzzzzzzzz. biggrin2.gif


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i forget how long sinces yours, mine has been 18 months. sleep was ALL i could do in the beginning. i STILL get more sleepy than the "old days". i force myself to go to bed at the same time even if i am not sleepy and FORCE myself to get up around the same time. it has helped.


however, i still have bouts of insomnia and sleepiness. so, when i am tired, i take naps. when i REALLY can't go to sleep, i get up and read. or something. although it has helped, it's not perfect. so, regular schedules seem to work best for me, albeit not perfect.


my best

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It has been three years for me and I know if I overdo it one day, then I am bone weary tired for about 2 days afterwards. It doesn't matter if I get a solid 10 hours of sleep a night.


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