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Oy Vey.......another bad day



I know, I know... I feel like "caca" again today, and I'm just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time! Have a headache - take a pill, motion sick - take a pill. I take enough meds on a daily basis - thanks.


I was recently evaluated by my Neuro; had an MRI - "Nothing new" GREAT, SUPER - so what's the problem? Anxiety. Another pill and psychotherapy - which I can't afford. (I have health insurance too! :rolleyes: )


I do deep breathing techniques, (Which help) and I'm open to suggestions.


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Don't know what kind of medicine you take on a regular basis but Mike was having the same issues and I think we have finally found the culprit, He was taking Baclofen and Ultram for his pain and spastisity. The doc has been weening him off meds to see if they were the issue. Since he does not take these any more he doesn't have nausea as bad and has actually started eating and being able to enjoy the tastes of food! We have got to find something to replace the spastisity mediciine though because we don't want him to loose the movement he has gained but so far after a week he doesn't seem to be any worse off than when he was taking them. Maybe this will help you too. He is convinced it was the baclofen.

Hope you feel better soon!

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Here are my suggestions,


Take my word for it, when you feel bad close your eyes and talk with God! If you are physically able turn over on your stomach ask Him for relief and thank Him for what He has already done for you!! I say stomach because if you are like me getting on your knees is very hard to do and getting up again is even harder!!


The faithfulness you have will carry you a long way and we just can't go it by ourselves we need a super power greater than our weak bodies!! You know for me I will try to attend my church as often as I can it seems to help me so much to go hear the word and my sister goes with me while my wife drives her own car and sing in the choir!!


No matter your faith or none just talk with the master and see how much better you feel!! You can say prayers in your mind but have doubt in your heart and at times God will answer such prayers!!


We can only take so much medicine then we must pray for more relief it is a way of life for so many humans!! He has kept you here for a reason you survived the stroke so pray my friend and have faith, relax and feel much better today!!

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Amen to what Fred said my faith in God is where my strength comes from to keep working at recovery BillTalbot

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Susan: been sitting here for a while just trying to get some suggestions to you.


The deep breathing of course. Another thing is try to do one thing at a time. I know your day is busy and I am wondering if some of the anxiety is your focussing on the days "chores" as opposed to one task at a time. If you work from lists, it also helps if you cross each thing out after it is done. This gives positive feelings. Take breaks when you are tired.


Try dealing with those things that you must do today. For instance I had to go to the bank on Monday. I have a thousand other things to do, of course, but that was my priority. There are things that have to be done and those that can be set aside it need be.


Music. Try a New Age station or something quiet. Turn the TV off. Fresh air. Open a window or sit outside with a nice cup of herbal tea. Exercise of course. I find if I take 10 minutes off, regroup and set priorities in my head that helps. Keep multi-tasking to a minimum if at all. Walks.


I am so sorry honey. I do understand the frustrations when you are seeking some help and Doctors just suggest more medication. Look into your diet - limit sugars, breads, caffeine. Lots of water and fresh fruits and veggies. And find a really good book and do some leisure reading. I hope this helps. Thinking of you. Debbie

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susan :


Debbie has great suggestions. For me personally dealing with my depression I think doing multiple things along with meds helped me, I don't think just plain meds would have done the job. please give a shot to these few things & see if that helps.


1. have routine in life (its very important makes you feel less anxious)

2. do exercises (atleast 30 minutes or longer)

3. eat healthy food

4. read inspiring books

for me reading spiritual books helps me start my day with right mindset

5. write 5 things you are greaful every day in the night.


I have been doing this post stroke & feeling so much better about my post stroke life that I am able to wean myself off my antidepressant pills.


hope this helps




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Hello Susan, I got so angry with my doctor when I went to talk about all the pills I was taking , which was 13, and she says you look upsett, and very unhappy,so lets get you on some antidepressant!


I have a good friend, who always remind me about God watching over me, and I knew that I needed to give it all to him I talk to him first thing in the morning, when Iam walking which I do every day, and last thing at night. Also a good book, soft music in the back ground, that helps. And strokenet, knowning that people care is a great feeling.


I keep you in my pray Susan, God bless



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