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Usually not an issue for me. I've recently realized that the rather large spot on my scalp where hair didn't grow back, (following the shaving for the ICP monitor) means that I can no longer have "longish", hair - it's lopsided. That side of my face is paralyzed and looks weird as it is. I'm thinking that after 18+ years of the post stroke life; now this? It bothers me that it bothers me.


Susan :blink:


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Getting older doesn't mean that we don't care about our appearance does it? Ask your hairdresser if he/she can think of a more flattering style. Remember a smiling face is what most people remember about us, not the hair style. :)

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Susan: you may be able to have some fun with this - those new asymmetrical styles are so hot right now and personally I love them. Another thing to consider. A nurse friend had cancer cells removed from her cheek. Now the plastic surgeon did an incredible job, but she was still self-conscious. She had her hair cut really short - spiky and died it blue. Kept it that way until the stitches came out.


I am not sure if it is truly vanity honey. That is what you see in the mirror, that reminder. It does not define you certainly but you would like it to be not so "in your face" so to say.


And how about a free makeover at one of those cosmetic counters. You could have some great fun with that - she/he will show you how to accent your eyes, what lipstick. You may decide to do it everyday if it makes you feel pretty, but it may soothe your bother just to have a fun day and realize how wonderful you are without it.


Have some fun, go to lunch and tomorrow hopefully you will be feeling better. Debbie

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Hi Susan, of course we care about our appeareance. I spend all morning, doing my hair, getting the gray out because it is only gray around the front by my ears! I have and gone and cut my hair very short. Everyone loves it so do I. Debbie idea sounds like fun!!



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Thanks so much everyone!! I've turned a whopping negative, (In my eyes) to a positive, and have spent some time looking at very cute shorter hairstyles, and even have an appointment with my hairdresser. (The light at the end of the tunnel isn't a freight train after all!)



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Hey the big thing is now you are still above ground I'll take that any time and I'm happy about the ten years I got already hoping there will be many more coming my way even as age catches up with me at almost 73!!!

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I have never been much for vanity. Always been a plain jane. It did get depressing sometimes in high school watching girls wear heels and skirts/dresses but knowing I couldn't without getting picked on because of my brace plus my brace wouldnt even fit in a high heeled shoe. Kids picked on me and told me I looked like an old woman when my hair started to grow back because I wore it short curled under my ears. Now that my hair is down my back I can look at those first post stroke years and be thankful how far I've come. If only the bruises from god knows what hitting me in the face during the seizures would go away. I feel like I have devil horns on my forehead because I already had a mark on one side from the surgery then I got a mark on the other side from a seizure and now I have a mark right above my lip. Its hard to say "oh dont let it bother you" when you look in the mirror everyday so I know how you feel but I think you will begin to see the beauty in it or figure out a way to make you smile instead of frown when you look in the mirror

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I think of how I was back in high school; usually I just wore jeans; no high heels or dresses for me.

It's still funny to me that my best friend from that time was/is Coco Chanel and I'm LL Bean! (The older we get doesn't seem to make a difference)

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Susan: and that is really it - just being yourself and feeling comfortable. Having stroked, I would think finding "you" has been a long and difficult road. So many new things now make up "you". A new short haircut may help and then maybe some new jeans and a pretty top. Just a treat to start Spring. Debbie

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