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I really don't have anything to blog about today, but I can't sleep and decided to post something, so here is a progression of my avatars since joining.




2) user posted image


3) user posted image


4) user posted image


5) user posted image


6) user posted image


And the only one I've designed for someone else so far was for Kim.

user posted image


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wow michael!!!


i didn't realize you actually took the time to DESIGN that avatar for me!!!! you must have web cam and i didnt know it!!! lol. thanks for helping me out with my "avatar dilema". should you ever get out of the locksmith business, you could CERTAINLY fall back on your computer graphics. that avatar you designed for me is the PERFECT EMBODIMENT, of my personality!!!!!



thanks again

kim beer.gifbeer.gifbeer.gif

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Hey Kim;


I got the initial image off an avatar page. After a little tweaking and adding the text I got the end result. If I was to make one completely from scratch that looked like that one it would take me about a month.


FYI, that's actually a picture of Elektra, a Marvel character.



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