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oh boyits family day and its the first family day in febuary lets celibrate the day




HI THERE WELL I AM sure that all of you know about family day and to bring in the first febuary family day we are celibrating with my wife family and with our family on monday we have ordered my mother in law her favorite food susie and tempura and because my mother in law is in the seniors home we areall my wife me my son and my daughter and my grandson all going over to where she is and have a wonderful dinner together as a family and she has no idea that we are coming so i hope that all of you will have a wonderful family day its the first day so bring it in with a bang and have a very happy family day



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I'm happy for you Lenny and tell your wife hello and I hope everything and everybody enjoy the day. I'll be thinking about you all having a great family time together, that's a blessing in itself.


Just one thing...You didn't have anything to do with the preparations of the dinner did you?? You know your chef abilities are limited to making lunch meat sandwiches along with peanut butter & jelly sandwiches served on sandwich bread from the store and served in a brown bag.


That's not all bad that was my lunch everyday in grade school a few years ago it seems like. I still have them at times now. Don't attempt to use that new kitchen appliances, OK?

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Lenny it is such a good idea to take your celebrations and some nice food to share with your mother-in-law. Hope it was a lovely family time together.



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