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something newto share with you!!! work spells progress



just wanted to let you know that i now learned to do something new that i wanted to share with you :Ask: i can now using my right arm and picking my left arm up to my head and cupping my palms and putting my head into the palms of my head it took me quite a while to do this a whole lotrta grab and streatch :gym: but at least i can do it and now after lifting my left arm with my right hand i can now do it by myself just with my left hand now and now my fingers is getting easy to move my fingers i figure any time now and my left arm is starting to come :monkeydance: just wanted to let you know that work and never giving up really does pay off in dividend :I-Agree: i even pull my left arm up whilewatching telivision , however it does take alot of time but it just proves that if you streatch the muscle it does help , and you can obtain recovery :Nodding: so the streatch begins with grab your left with your good arm and while sitting lift and pull straight up until you can touch your head with your arm :monkeydance: then after that you will want to not only touch your head but now bend your wrist in order to form a cup in your hand with your palm place ypour palm into the back of your head lets get starting now a one grab and lift and two touch your head with your hands and three after bending your elbows twist your wrist until you can cup your palm and then place your head into the palms great streatch and preatty soon you will be able to do it withourt the use of your good arm , all the best in your new exercise i hope that you will find this helpful and encourage you to start your exerciseit may seem at first very hard to do and maybe even impossible because you will be tvery tight but trust me after pusing and pulling up and up to the left it will start to get easy trust me


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Lenny, you always have such great ideas, thank you for posting these exercises. I hope by reading this other survivors learn to do them and make the profgress you have made.



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lenny :


:congrats: you are amazing survivor who never gives up & is always trying things no wonder you are having great recovery even after so many years. I need to start exercising my left hand even though when I don't see instant response, I still need to do it. thanks for reminder.



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As always Lenny, you inspire our survivors or caregivers to survivors how important it is to keep up with the work to recovering. You are a credit to all this as you have done so well.


I love your emoticons. Wish I could get mine to work. lol



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Keep on improving and others will follow your lead. Work, work, work is the key to improving the functions of all your body parts when it's done regularly or even daily.

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