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lets get ready for easter!!!



oh wow!!!! its almost easter can you believe it :yikes: time to hide the chocolate eggs from the kiddies :Nodding: time to have ham for dinner :Nodding: i know christian is sure looking forward to easterand i know im looking forward to see christian eyes light up when he finds the chocalate eggs and lots of dinner round the table for the family so whatever it is that you do on easter, i hope that your easter is a fun filled party for you so have a happy easter and celibrate easter by going for a long walk or just walk around the house and look for great hiding spots so a very happy easter to all of you and may the easter bunney bring you lots of great memories enjoy the holidays


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Thanks Lenny, My Easter holiday starts out with thanks to God above for allowing me to see that day come. Then it's off to church services and the Easter play from the young kids at church. By time that's over I am plenty hungry so back home I go to eat a bit of whatever she cooked Saturday night for Sunday dinner. The Easter egg hunt will also be on the church property for the safety of the little kids with adults watching closely to control the bigger kids from taking from the little ones.

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Lenny, Happy Easter to you. Easter egg hunts will be kind of a mess this year as the ground is saturated. I don't know what our church will do about that but they have a 5,000 egg hunt. The snow is all melted and temperatures are at 60 today. Hope it stays warm.



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