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what a sad times we live ina great run like the boston marathon was tarnish



WELL AS YOU KNOW BY NOW THE BOSTON MARATHON WAS BOMBED :blowup: and a lot of innocence was killed :Sob: this is a very sad state that we live in when you can"t be safewhen you go out to enjoy your day I feel so sorry for the death of the children in the run and for the injured I wish that there was someway that we could let the people know whoeverdid this that you are a coward and no ax to grind is worth what you did that is not the way to make friends, the boston marathon has long been a traditional run through the streets of boston now since you have bomed and injured many people who was running you have once again manage to ruin the boston marathon run my only hope is that you are find out who did this so that you will suffer the fuledt extent of the American justice you have tarnish this event I for one despise what you did you take away my feeling safe while on holidays so I hope that you feel good about what you did and what you may have accomplish because I know that I for one do not think that anything is worth the taking of liveds and sending fear is not good to win over what you are tring to accomplish I for one am very sad for you that you have resorted to the bombing and the death of so many innocence people I hope that you are happy because I know I am not happy with you


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Well spoken Lenny. What a shame we cannot stop this senseless violence but there are so many evil people in the world. God help us to stay safe.



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Lenny, I agree that this was so sad. Our News programs have been running it too. We were worried on caregiver chat about Bob (reegr), who is one of our caregivers and was supposed to be running the Marathon. Luckily he came on late into the chat and told us he was okay, he was still running when it happened.


Sadly there is a lot of discontent in the world we live in and people do think that causing damage in that fashion will somehow get their voices heard. I wish we lived in a more peaceful society but we don't. Bless you for thinking of others at this sad time.



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lenny :


I agree that this was so sad, in the world there are all kind of people evil & good. let's not forget so many other good people who rose to the occasion & took care of so many injured if all ow one evil person to make us cynic about beauty of life, than evil won over good, and I know for sure boston & US will come out stronger than before. yesterday night at the yankee stadium they played sweet carolyn in honor of boston when yankee played against red sox. it was so heart warming to see newyorkers standing with boston in their time of need like they did during Newyork's 9/11







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