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new goalsnew exercisefor the limited mobilitymay,2nd



I just learned a new exercise that works for me :Nodding: if you own a cane :gym: that's great :Nodding: because all you need is a cane and a bed to lye in it :Nodding: first of all you lay down in bedwith your kneesbent and then you take the cane holding it in your hand :gym: and you simply lift up and hold then while holding the cane in your arm move to the left as far as you can you will then get a very good streatch after holding it a while then using your armes whilr holding the cane move to the right as far as you can this will give you a really great streach, do it very slow don"t jerk this will help you to get great shoulder movement and lossen up those tight muscle I hope that I have explane it well and that's a great goal to work on your mobility movement you can work and get mobility in your shoulders that's what I do as well as go for walks I am always searcing for new exercise that is cheap and very easy to do that helps you to want to keep on doing it allthe best to you in your new workout so now grab the cane and lye down with your knees bend and lift up as far as you can and then to the left as far as you can now to the right and soon you will start to see an improvement hope this helps you I know that it did for me and now it gets you to start incorporate your left arm and your brain will thank you for that :signthankspin:

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