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please pray for the families living in oklahoma



I am sure that you have hear the very bad news about the tornado families survivers in moores Oklahoma. I would like to ask you to please pray for the survivers that has had to go through not only once but twice in fact and the lost of the children in thhe school. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to lose your house and your families it is very sad to think of all the devestation that they the residents in moor Oklahoma will have to deal with.


And as munch as I would love to help the families that has to deal with the loss and the devestation of all that they knew but we can offer to say a big prayer for all the residents who had to suffer a major loss. We are thinking of you and we are hoping for you that all will be fine. We will pray for you and for your families that you can be strong rebuild again and pray that you will never have to suffer again. We are all thinking of you and we are all praying for you that you will rebuild your lives to come up stronger and lots of courage. We could learn from your strength and from your ability to come together and to rebuild an even better community and we pray that once you have done this that you will never have to suffer through this major crisis again.


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Lenny, I am sure a lot of people on Strokenet are praying for the families associated with the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma and the surrounds but thank you for reminding us.

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No sooner said than already done and thanks Lenny. I wondered if any members here were in the tornado that hit but I suppose we just don't know yet. A little dog was discovered yesterday alive under the fallen structures maybe where he lived. That part of the story wasn't stated by the news media but it was a smaller size dog. We may know later how it survived the worse tornado in history..

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