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Just love Winter



Do a you remember the TV ads "This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs?" Very effective. Well, I want a new one "This is your Winter, this is your Winter on drugs" LOL. I have lived in Connecticut my whole life and the last four years so many things seem to have changed. I know a lot of this is now being solely responsible for everything, so I have to learn everything. But really, Mother Nature seems to have found some new designer drugs that she is really loving!


City plow came through Monday afternoon, our snow guys arrived about 7 pm. I know they are 20 year olds, but talk about wasted. Part of me is pleased that the local people are able to get a heads up on the economy and get some extra money on board. This economy is horrid. And still we can not get proper help, even when we are willing to pay. So to see those who work hard and care, it is truly heartwarming. Bruce had made them his famous Diabetes muffins and they wanted water of course. Three hours for Gloria clean out and ours - no extras, but still price was ridiculous. Gloria and I had decided earlier what the fair price would be and still they balked. Trust me this was not a $35.00 job.


It was nice to have three days to do list things that were way at the bottom. But all the must stuff is now behind. I had to get out yesterday. There are times I have to pay a caregiver while not working. And yes, I do feel guilty about not putting in my share of time at work. But the deal was Bruce came first. I had three errands: Post Office, Bank and Pharmacy. Bruce has a terrible toothache. His Dentist sits in a hole about 15 miles away. They advised that while I could get him there, I could not yet get him into the office in a WC. These three things should have taken me 1/2 hour. Nightmare. Bank had a water main break, no road access. All our side roads are one lane only and there is always the Yahoo Cowboy who thinks he can just bail through. Huge dump trucks and payloaders everywhere. I wanted to get Bruce out. It was a beautiful day - sunny, 40 degrees. But really not safe. Snow mounds at intersections go to seven feet.


Positives: we had to re-up our Cable contract this month. Installer advised how to do this. I pleaded the Disabled cry and got the same price with an upgrade! Premium channels. LOL Bruce is loving this. Watching movies, specials. And with no commercials, not the incessant channel surfing. This has given me time to fine tune the snow clearance. Working on the deck - that is major. If Carl comes tomorrow night, I am truly taking a long, HOT, soaking bath.


As to the Diabetes. Medications are kicking in. His fasting sugar levels are dropping. And we are working together on menu planning. Am finding out some really different ways of preparing foods that are healthy but also appetizing. I will post the Potato skins recipe - really terrific and his Bran-Blueberry muffins.


More snow due for tonight and city advises that they will be widening the streets, so more shoveling in the morning. Wonderful news - LOL. So quick update and just praying I can get Bruce out safely for a bit before the next storm due Sunday. Debbie


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I pray for better weather soon but looking at the news I think it's still a ways off for your area of the country. I guess that's better than tornadoes like here in Texas and Alabama so often. They wipe out your home and life too in some of them.


I remember those TV Ads and a few seniors in your area remember a hundred years ago this kind of storm happen then when they were young kids. So maybe just every hundred years is not so bad we won't be here for the next big one!!

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Debbie, hope you get the free time coming when Carl comes. Be safe and don't go out with Bruce until more of the stuff is cleared. Watch your back.



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