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Just some ramblings



I had had some renewed energy after my family visit for my birthday. Bruce and I had been working on some lesser importance list items. It is hard to get to that part of the list as just getting through the essentials and working can wear me out. But we had reached a comfortable routine and had time to fit in some other chores. We have a walk-in closet in the old master bedroom that was just a catchall. We did some great clean out, two boxes to donation and room finally for my uniforms.


Then the news about the change in Bruce's medical condition. Those issues took over for at least two weeks and then Mother Nature decided to chime in - LOL. Back to basics.


But even with all of this, I noticed tonight that his pantry stash is very diminished. Part of that is reorganizing for the Diabetes. I will not throw food out. So I have to work in the pantry items to our new menu. Then because we were snow bound, no grocery shopping. I stopped at the store for quick stuff like fresh produce and milk, but because we are totally reorganizing our lifestyle and menus, I needed time to learn to cook again and of course, the grocery list changes. Plus Bruce has to have some direction as to his coupons.


Now paper goods, kitty litter, cleaning supplies are all OK and I still do the box store run every month if necessary. But the pantry is diminishing and we are not replacing. Part of this is very good. I think I forget just how much we had put away and a lot of it was free, due to Bruce's diligence, but he now has to redirect and can only do that with my help as to what is allowed and how I am going to use it. Pasta on sale is no longer a priority. If we can get a box or two for free, OK but we never bought eggs - now eggs are very important. Oatmeal - he could get the instant on sale with a coupon for free. Just found out regular long cooking Oatmeal is the preference.


I am exhausted. Snow removers did no extras and I do understand that. But the deck still has 30 inches of snow on it and none of my doors or the mailbox are clear. We had a beautiful week after the blizzard - warm, sunny days. I loved getting out. In the meantime I can't get Bruce to the Dentist or Kira to the Vet. I did get Bruce out on Friday afternoon - just quick errands and he so needed it. Snow for the weekend and I can never depend on the ramp and getting him down it, so just put everything aside and took him out for a ride. We cooked most of today - it was funny because Bruce came out to help and Kira followed him. That is way too many people in my little kitchen. But tonight, it was such a wonderful thing. Bruce actually thought of me and pulled himself away from the TV.


Tomorrow Carl is coming to pick up some furniture we offered him. I need for him to move the Microwave that died this week - add another thing to the list - and am just praying that he will finish shoveling the deck for me. Then I hope to get Bruce out for a bit. Snow is expected to end late morning but light accumulation, so I should be able to get us out. I don't mind having to shop for a new Microwave and Bruce will enjoy the trip. But would just love being in a store where I can browse and look over all the new stuff: fashions, shoes, make up. Just some fun. I won't buy anything, I don't need anything, but it is a Lady thing.


The sad thing is our jaunts and errands usually meant eating out or getting take out. Those days will be rare. I don't think he gets that yet. I am revisiting our jaunts during the early months: museums, parks, library and those may have to come back into play. Spring is in the air and we shall see what all that brings. Debbie


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Debbie, I know what you mean about the pantry loaded up with old favorites that don't fit into the picture anymore. Ray is so picky I'm lucky if he eats anything, even junk food, while I'm trying to cut back drastically myself to lose weight while using up what we have, which is a little of everything: every kind of grain imaginable, canned and dried beans, tomatoes galore, gourmet items that used to be everyday ingredients and of course the endless pasta. Oops forgot the freezer, meat and baked goods and lots of stuff that I squirreled away for all the company we used to have. I always worried that if something bad ever happened, at least we wouldn't starve, but never imagined not being able to eat anything and everything on God's green earth.


My doctor told me back in November that I was pre-diabetic and I freaked out. Turns out it was probably because I had just returned from the cruise or something because in January sugar levels were as low as can be, but it really made me think about it, sugars and refined starches especially. Just part of getting old, trying not to blame it on stress from the stroke. We're expecting 2 to 4 inches out here on the East End too, guess we'll see in the AM! With the 45 degree weather during the daytime though, haven't had to shovel since last weekend at least. Only a few inches left right now.

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We went through this when Ray became a diabetic in 1990. Luckily as his Mum was a diabetic and I had watched her eating patterns ( she had died by then) I was able to put together a diet for Ray fairly easily. He defeated me by eating snacks on his way home of course but at least I tried to make the meals he had at home of the right ingredients.


Of course after many strokes eating out became a problem for other reasons. Here there are books available with a lot of information, one called Diabetic Monthly was really helpful, plenty of nice recipes and tips on things like eating out. As a diet restricted person myself (lactose intolerant and low fat diet) I do sympathise with diabetics and others whose entertaining and eating out is severely affected.


The snow will soon be over Debbie, roll on Spring! (edging closer to winter for me...sigh).



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I've done modified versions of the Atkins diet in the past, which was developed to help with diabetes I believe, so I am trying to lean that way these days. He makes it simple, just count your carbs. Actually I just remembered, the doctor said it wasn't diet with me, it was that I lost almost 10 lbs due to having the flu and that was all that was needed. Plateauing right now, but hoping for more results with some of the things I'm giving up for Lent, I'll let you know at Easter!


Oh and Debbie, if you go with the steel cut oatmeal that cooks for a half hour, you can put it in a crock pot overnight to cook and it's ready when you get up the next morning. I've never used instant myself, I like the Irish type that cooks five minutes, but the steel cut is nice for a change, much different texture.

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All I can say is you got it under control from what I read in your blog but just be careful on that deck with that much snow still present. You don't have time for any slips or falls for you are Bruce, like you said Spring can't be too far away and hopefully no snow for Easter.


We still got it cold and some evenings are 70 degrees. No wonder people stay sick!

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I think and I'm guessing you hit a back button to look at a previous post or site after you write the comment but before you hit add comment? It will disappear every time. Once you finish typing and hit spell check, if all is OK, you gotta hit add comment if not you'll lose it more often than not. I'm speaking from experiences.

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Sting, I too do the batch of steel cut oatmeal. Larry will eat it. Maybe I should try the crock pot version tho since last time I let the darn pot boil over forgeting it was cooking. lol


Fred, I have lost postings here, even when I finish and hit "post". I think it is just a fluke with the board. But then, it could be Debbie's cat, Kira, trying to help. lol



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Debbie, hope the snow is finished, Iam in Florida, so no snow,and for the last few days, it has been cold, well cold for Florida.

You are right about your cooking, and shopping will change. Over 8 years I was told that I had Type2 , diabete and now Iam just a diabete. The doctor said , they were wrong to tell meabout Type2 ???

My husbands and mine eating habits have change. We eat lots of veg, fish,chicken,brown rice, wheat, beans, and drink lots of water. Debbie, there are lots of cookbooks, web sites, and eating out, is easy now, everyone is aware of what is going in our food.

















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My biggest thing is that I am a good cook, just have to relearn what is acceptable. And yes, Yvonne, the ADA has a local chapter here and my Dietitian suggests we make a visit there - lots of good free info. And I have a lot of support right from here.


Fortunately for February at least, I only have to have one meal prepped for Caregivers one night a week. I don't want every night to be fish or chicken, salad and a vegetable side.


His fasting numbers are dropping and that is the medication kicking in, but eventually that will plateau and I just want meals under control to help that. Debbie

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