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Winter Blues



Tired and cranky tonight. Maybe that is why Bruce went to bed early - LOL!


No matter how much I do in any time span, fifteen things get added on. We lost a good week from the Blizzard. Bruce has to get to the Dentist and Kira to the Vet. That takes some planning. Plus Bruce has his Botox next week. In the meantime, another storm due this weekend.


I work with a Naysayer: has all the answers and is always right. We have been together in various positions for over 10 years so I am used to it. Let her have her say, back her up when I think she is crossing a line. Dietitian and I were talking about the storm preparation, and here is Ms. Naysayer chiming in. She lives with her two 20 year old daughters, son within walking distance and two step-sibs, one 14 and one 16. Ya think! She has enough help to dig out the street, let alone her own home; plus plenty of drivers to do the errands. Dietitian and I are the sole caretakers of our homes. Very tiring. In the meantime, weather was good this week, so got Bruce out most days to get the stuff done in preparation of the weekend and having appointments all next week.


I have had some great help here with Menus and dealing with Bruce's Diabetes, so actually was looking forward to a down weekend to get some meals made and put up for the week ahead. In the meantime, Bruce has burned through yet another remote for the TV. I think I can reprogram the one from upstairs to this TV. Will deal with that sometime tomorrow. If the volume doesn't work, think I will jump off the roof. This remote is two months old! The microwave bit the dust and CPA called and my Financial Advisor messed up with my IRA. That has to be fixed before April 15th and the dude still hasn't called me back.


I am behind in my notes to our loved ones who have recently lost someone and also to our dear friends whose son just underwent major surgery and very traumatic for a 20 year old. They are staying near the hospital for a least a week and Email is the way they are communicating. Obviously all the projects we were working on have come to a halt.


Bruce's dental issue may be major - in talking to his Dental Assistant. In the past, this could be dealt with right in the office - took hours and Bruce had to be practically up-side-down, but now, post stroke, it would require a Hospital stay. In preparation of that possibility, I had to step up a project at work that I was able to finish today. My Department Head is worthless. If Bruce does require some sort of surgical intervention, I intend to take all the time off from work I need to. I will be comfortable leaving him for a few hours with the Caregivers, so plan on using that time to get some other stuff done.


Am I whining? But wait, there's more! I miss my sister and need a visit. And desperately need a bath, grooming and a hair cut. And the deck is still not totally cleared of the blizzard snow. But I look to the positives. Neighbor gave me lots of stuff from his Mom - brand new - for donation. Bruce is doing well. The mouth pain resolves with Orajel for now and he is still right on board with sugar monitoring and the new diet. Tonight I had to readjust his WC - one wheel was not locking. He transferred beautifully to the recliner and back. I know this will pass, but just a bit overwhelmed lately. Weather always does that to me. Good weekend all. Debbie


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Debby, I'm on the same page you are.


I actually wrote a long reply, but rethought that perhaps I was hijacking your post and should have my nervous breakdown on my own blog :0

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Debbie :


I know you are seasoned & intelligent caregiver & I don't have to say anything to comfort you, but just want to tell you I understand fully. I just want to tell you sometime it is okay to let go of some less important things & just do what we can do in our day, rest leave it on God & then don't worry. what I am trying to say is everything will be fine just do your duties & then let it go & have no attachments to results.



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I keep wondering why, in the dead of winter, I don't have one full day of nothing planned around Ray so that I can get something of my own done. Every time I think I do, one of the in-home people call for a last minute visit mid day, or I suddenly realize I have to go to the bank, the library or to pick up food that we are out of, which involves me dragging Ray along so never a quick trip.


We're only getting rain here, hope you just north of us aren't in the middle of another blizzard. Although I sort of wouldn't mind being snowed in for a few days again, it wasn't all bad to have everything cancelled for a few days.

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Debbie, I agree with Asha. As they say "Don't sweat the small stuff". I know it can pile up but we do what we can since it is all on us mostly. You can be proud of Bruce in his improvements and willingness to accept his change in diet. I hope the dental work will not be too bad.


The snow we had here is cleared everywhere except my driveway. My son came and cleared half of it so I could get out, but he has a bad back. My neighbor across the street came over and said to call him anytime I need help or help lifting. He is a senior, so I may not be able to depend on him next year if he goes away to college. If we get more snow next week I will call him.


Take care of yourself.



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Hey you got your hands full but you are a get it done person what ever it is you will find a way. That's always a good thing in my little mind. Maybe this weather in your area will stop in a couple more weeks. You already had enough for two winters!


I'm the only one to take this little puppy to the vet, grooming and meds on my scooter from the parking lot and she loves riding on the scooter but still need a leash or she's gone where she wants to go.

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Fred: thank you so much for that picture of you and the puppy on the Scooter - made my night. LOL. Little blessing light up our lives and I am just so happy that things like that still touch me. Debbie

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