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happy valentines day to everyone/ and update



i just wanted to wish everyone a happy valentines day. and to thankyou for your comments on my previous entry about my nephew. as i may have mentioned before. chris's memorial service was on monday at cowboy stadium with over 7000,00 people attending. his wife taya gave a beautiful speech about chris. then tuesday was the procession to austin for his burial with his seals and

patriot guard riders/freedom riders in the lead. the welcome they got along the 4 hour ride was the same as chad got in his hometown. everyone raising the american flag, saluting and hands over hearts.my niece and her daughter went along to support chris wife. i watched it all on tv. chad had a birthday on monday. my neice and daughter went to visit chad's grave. morgan his daughter has been

really a brave little girl over this and a good friend to chris's daughter. morgan went back to school on monday and talked with the counselor and ate lunch together. i think this was a great idea

my sister called today to see how i'm doing and i asked her the same thing, she said they were putting each foot in front of the other, which is all they can do right now. i hope and pray their grief and pain with gods help will slowly ease with time. i also wanted to apologize in my last blog, that in no way was our loss was in no way bigger than the sandy hook, or columbine tragedies.

those involved innocent children that will never have the chance to experience the many other things life has to offer. i wish i could take away the pain and suffering those families have had to deal with. but i do understand it now. god please watch over your children and stop these senseless acts of violence.


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Dear Kim: It sounds as though Chris received the send-off he deserved for his patriotism and courage. We don't know why things happen...so many disasters in recent months. I pray for you family. It sounds like you all have a lot of support, the most of which will come from God. Forgiveness is for us not for the other who did wrong. It doesn't help our spirit to have hate in our heart. There is no greater strength than that which we find within ourselves put there by God and our Holy Spirit. Bless all of you. I know you are strong which must run in your family. Love, Leah

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Kim, lady I sure thought about you when the procession came through Temple on I35 and all went well until they got to Salado then the accident with one of the cycle riders so that held up things for about 45 minutes. I think tickets were issued by the highway patrol following nearby them.


I couldn't stay home I was on the service road with my tailgate open up to see everything. At that point I said to myself Austin must be his hometown or birthplace otherwise they may have chosen the National Cemetery here in Killeen. I have attended so many funerals out there I couldn't begin to count them all. That's where me and my wife will be when we are gone home to be with our maker and we got it in writing over our signatures.


I tell you he had all my prayers for his service as another brother gone home to be with the Lord. May his soul be blessed and his wife and family protected for life in peace.

I understand your concerns no apologies needed and thanks for your blog, may God bless you!

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Kim, I am sorry you and your family had to go through this. Such a tragedy and you have every right to grieve. My prayers are with you and his family.


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I was horrified when I read this news, and so sorry for the people it happened to. I couldn't believe it would turn out to be someone I have contact with. What an awful thing, prayers sent for all.

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