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Our week so far



Larry is still struggling with his appetite and food intake. This was compounded last year due to a new swallowing problem. He just had his 3 year stroke anniversary and this was not a problem until last spring. We have seen many doctors, including a speech pathologist. We follow her instructions every day. He has lost 11 more pounds since last year. I didn't know what else to do for him as no meds worked, and some he could not take. I finally decided to see a dietician but was skeptical that it would help. We had seen one on the fly when we went to an endocrinologist, and she was not much help. I made the appointment and found out Medicare will only pay for the service if you are diabetic or have renal failure. You can be waisting away from a stroke and that doesn't count??? Anyway, the charge was $26/15 min. We were there for 11/2 hours. I may complain to Medicare after I see the bill. However, the visit was worth it, and the dietician was very helpful. She made suggestions I had not thought of and recommended he start with 2,000 cal. a day and up it later. Larry loves to drink milk but he drinks the 8 + oz. and wants to have more for his pills. She suggested I give him 4 oz. of the "Boost type shake" to take his pills. This adds more cal. each time. She also recommended he eat something 6 times a day. Three main meals and three snacks a day. I had tried getting him to snack in between, but when he hears a dietician suggest this, he says he will do it. Go figure! Some of the things she suggested like a pat of butter on his oatmeal, yogurt, scrambled eggs (he won't like), meat with sauces or gravy, and anything to add calories! He basically is free to add more fats, sugar, etc. as he has gotten way to thin. He likes ice cream and that is the one thing I forgot to get yesterday at the store.


So, I went to the store and bank yesterday as the forecast today was snow, sleet and freezing rain. All main school districts are closed and companies are letting their workers got home early. The snow plow and salt trucks are busy everywhere.


When I got home yesterday from the store, I heard Larry yell out "Julie, help I'm in trouble". Well he was lying on the floor and had lost his balance after getting up from his chair. He wasn't hurt and I got him to sitting and propped him up. I called 3 neighbors and all were gone so called 911 for "lift assist". A fire truck and 3 firemen (young and cute) lol, came to help. They even asked if there was anything else they could do after getting Larry up. I should have had them check the smoke alarms!

Larry had called me using his ER necklace but when it went to voice mail, he pushed the shut off button. He then reached his cell phone on the table and called me. Needless to say, I didn't hear the phone as I keep it in my purse, and I also saw someone in the store I knew. I volunteer with this lady and she is a talker. Anyway, from now on I will hold onto my phone and turned the volume up. My neighbors later called to see if Larry was allright.


I guess we will work on our income taxes. We mostly have to gather the info as our accountant sends us a form and a comparison from last years worksheet. Hope the weather clears by Saturday as we are to go to our granddauter's birthday party, which is about 30 miles from us across the river.




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Larry's weight seems a bit like mine I go one more belt hole about every day. I eat OK and drink Boost from the VA and ensure, eat cheerios, walnuts and fruit with 2% milk. Guess I need whole milk now? My gut feeling and thinking is the VA clinics are missing something.


I'm mainly concern with my prostate situation and in particular if any cancer is involved that no body seen or checked yet?? I never lost weight in this manner before so I really don't know. I think it's high time to visit my other PCP and see what he has to say. He is the one that sends me to therapy sessions. My VA nurse is always in a hurry to see the next person on her list so we don't talk about my weight lost.


I'm usually 38 in the waist but now days it must be down to 34 waist!!

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Julie: am just so thankful Larry wasn't hurt. Any fall is scary.


Good news on the Dietitian. You already know what Larry will eat, so just try to bump up those things where you can all calories but keep the taste and texture the same. Do let us know if you need suggestions - there is a lot of help here. Tell us what is working for you all. That may also help Fred and any others out there.


Go easy honey. Eye to the weather. Enjoy the birthday party and do let us know. Debbie

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I had to share this. Mostly all schools were closed today and will be again tomorrow. The roads were a mess. Cars stranded for 3 hours on a major highway, cars stuck or couldn't get up hills, tractor trailer jack knifed. I was glad my son got to come home early from his work.


I heard a little knock on our front door today and it was our 8 year old neighbor, Gavin. He asked if I wanted him to shovel our driveway. I said "oh I think it is too much Gavin, but you can shovel the sidewalk for me" It was the best offer I have had for a long time around here. lol We sit back from the street and the sidewalk is big, so this took a while. He did a great job and of course I gave him some money. I also asked him to get our mail while he was at it. Bless him.


The kids love it as it is the first sizeable snow we have had. I guess they will be out again tomorrow.


Fred you might want to try the whole milk if you don't have any health issues against it. It is 150 calories a cup. Larry drinks the Target brand of the Boost Plus which is 350 calories.



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Julie: Too Cute! Nice to see someone so young get out to make a little money but also help the neighbors. I have 10 on this street - high school on down - not one of them would lift a shovel, even to help out their own parents. They did during the blizzard to help get the neighbor out who eventually plowed the upper half of the street, but I really think it was because they all had somewhere to go.


Stay hunkered down. As you advised me, there is no reason to risk anything. Debbie

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