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Had to share this story



I saw this on our Fox2 station last night. A man lost 3 finger tips below his nailbed in an accident. He was looking under his car hood and the belt snap them off. Someone was able to save the parts but the fingers were too damaged to attach. He said he really didn't feel the pain too much, just was in shock! A doctor at St. Louis University Hospital said there was another option where he could try to use the medical powder (pig bladder) to help the fingers grow back. He had to apply it several times for weeks or months. Guess what? They grew back, including the fingernails and feeling in the fingers. He can do everything he use to with his hand before the injury. Medical miracles! They are looking at using this for wounded war victims. You can google this or go to FOX2NOW.COM to see for yourself.




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I cut off the tip of one of my fingers once, on the slicer at the deli where I worked, and was surprised it grew back. Fingerprints and all! It was only the very tip but I was still surprised. I don't think I even went to the hospital though, I did show a cop who was a customer, to how him my missing fingerprint, and he told me it would grow back, so guess it's not not uncommon.

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The medical world gets smarter all the time so long as we don't run out of rats to experiment on! Well, the pig is used in experiments too now they make powder from the bladder to help grow fingers??


We learn more every day in every field. I saw the Doctor's show yesterday where a man now was born without legs now he is walking on prosthetics same as our soldiers right here at Fort Hood called Wounded Warriors.

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