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Larry's Up's and Larry's Downs!



Larry went to have his carotid ultra sound a couple weeks ago. All is well there with no change or need for surgery.


Larry had seen a dietician who was great. She not only said "you need to eat more" but offered suggestions, and spent an hour and a half evaluating his history and diet. He tried the suggestions and has gained 7 lbs. in two weeks. He still struggles with things he doesn't like but at least it is on the upside!


Larry then went to his periodontist as he has gum disease. He sees his regular dentist also in between. Larry had a lot of plac in his teeth due to not brushing or flossing well. No surprise! He is suppose to use the electric toothbrush for 2 1/2 min. twice a day. Now that may seem easy but to Larry, it is a monumental task. I even tried brushing for him and he pushed me away saying it tickled too much. lol I don't think I could handle someone brushing mine either! Then the dentist told us Larry needs to stay away from liquids with sugar. Everything he drinks has sugar! I said "you are telling us just the opposite of what the dietician says to help Larry gain weight" I know Larry's teeth are in danger but so is his nutrition! Anyway, Larry is to drink things all at once and then not sip on things here and there. He doesn't do that anyway. He is to brush more after snacking, etc, etc. It seems like I have to stand behind him all day reminding him of something he should do!


Larry's son, wife and Rachel, our granddaughter, were over Sunday for dinner. Rachel brought our Girl Scout cookies. She had sold 400 boxes, but I think a lot of those were bought by relatives and co workers of her parents. lol Her mom had her work cut out for her keeping track of orders! Rachel was cute and said her prayer at dinner "God is Great.....etc." She is 6 and is going on her first plane ride this weekend on a family vacation. She is doing well in school.


Anyway, before they all came Sunday, Larry was getting up from his chair, lost his balance and fell on his left side on the couch. I was able to get him up to stand but it scared me. He has been asking me to help when he gets up saying his left affected leg is weak. I know good and well it is from lack of movement and exercise! I put the gait belt on and wheeled him arouond the rest of the day. Monday, I called the rehab Dr. and got an appointment for Friday. It's time for more PT. He needs more balance, strength and endurance training. I don't want to go back to the wheel chair as he has been walking, albeit slowly, for 2 1/2 years.


I will be more than happy to see the warmer weather so we both can get out more. Happy Spring - March 20th here! :jig:




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Exercise the paralyzed side, hand, arm, and leg/foot is all important daily. You can stretch his leg morning and night. My wife has been doing that for 9 years now. I got the bike but only use it when my health care lady comes on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Anyway Larry can exercise his leg is good for him.

Another good exercise is sitting in a regular chair then practice standing up with you right there to help so he don't fall. The left foot is back close to the chair leg, the right foot about 3 inches ahead of the left foot. About the fourth try he can raise his butt up about 6 inches before the left leg gives out on him. Keep trying that does strengthen the weak leg, knee and his thigh muscles too.


After that he will not be afraid of falling at all. If he eats, he brush then gargle Am and PM. I go thru tooth brushes like a kid do candy. I try to get the packs medium or soft, never hard. The VA gives me only so many then I go to Walmart to get the mouth wash in the big sorta flat bottles I can hold better.

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I don't know if Larry's hands both work or not, but Bob's right hand doesn't. I have a really heavy walker, not a light flimsy one that would turn over if used with one hand, and I put that in front of Bob's wheelchair so he can stand and do some weight bearing off and on as he sits and watches tv. It is more secure than just trying to get up and hold a cane. Also, he does have the seat lift that fits in his (any) chair, so he can rise up and down at will, to stand at his walker.

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Julie: you certainly have your hands full. And yes, it does seem like it is always something. Sometimes it seems that some portion of stroke recovery requires being attentive and working on some part of it all day long. Get into a good routine, some things become independent - then a change of some sort and it is back to square one. I know Bruce just doesn't handle change well.


Good for you for insisting on some more PT. Am getting there myself. Debbie

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Oh the wonderful damned if you do and damned if you don't.... hope i didnt offend ..not my intent..my take Larry can get new teeth, not that ,thats what you would want..... but if larry continues to lose weight ,that to me is the bigger concern...but again just my thought and we all know how screwed up i am right now LOL... PT just the ticket, that balance is so easily lost especially when they cant feel one entire side ... bless you honey we are in this together..nancyl

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