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Okay maybe Larry will listen now about exercising



Larry had been complaining of his left affected leg being weak. He has also fallen a couple times in the last three weeks. One was a half fall onto the couch, thank goodness! I decided to take him to the rehab Dr. for a checkup and to get more PT. It wasn't easy as she is very busy, and we had to wait about a week to get the appt. She is also in a different location, which is hard to get to so I brought Larry in his transport chair. I haven't used it for months but didn't think he would make the long walk down the hall to her office. We waited 40 minutes and she saw him about 15 but ordered the PT.


I got him scheduled for 8 sessions. Originally, it was 6 but when the therapist evaluated him, she said he needed more. He could not stretch his legs out at all, had to bend at the knee. His walking has slowed considerably and so he needs to do more stretching and leg work. We had not heard any therapist talk about a leg brace but she said if he doesn't get those legs stretched and working better, he may have to go that route. No, we don't want that! So, Larry knows now he has to to the exercises daily.


So, between therapy, Dr. appts. and exercising, we will keep busy. I manage to squeeze my appt. in and I am due for a colonoscopy but have shelved that until Larry finishes therapy. So easy to put that off. lol


Someone asked Larry if he gets out any and he said "yes, to Dr. appts and therapies. lol We will try to make it to church tonight and I will have a tight hold on him.


The weather is about to change to rain and then snow but we don't know if it will be heavy or not. We have lucked out mostly all winter.




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Yep, he learned the hard way, I made that mistake early on in recovery. If you can stretch his leg when you all get in bed at night it helps a whole lot too. Then daily walking driveway to street or down the sidewalk a few houses and go a couple more each week is a great routine. We gotta walk much as possible each day. Medicare is limited on sessions they give you each time and I'm guessing it will get worse later on as they try to save more money.

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Julie: good news on Larry. Nothing like an evaluation from a pro - somehow it seems to sink in better. So smart of you to take advantage of the paid therapies. Plus good time of year - LOL - if Spring ever gets here!


You have given me something to think about. Good weekend, stay safe and warm. Debbie

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