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Paramedics getting better acquainted with us



Okay, I lost my last try so here goes. I must have hit the wrong key!


Larry has been going to PT and his therapist has been trying the orthotic and walking Larry around and around the gym. She also tried some kind of contraption using the stretch bands. She had Larry raise his foot up and down 3 steps 15 times each foot. He was exhausted at the end. Not use to this much. Friday he refused to go and said he had a headache. Me thinks he really didn't want to go but did his exercises over the weekend. He said he will go this week Wed. and Fri. He needs to get away from dragging the left leg. Also, when he gets up from a chair, he puts his one foot way back. We are trying to get him to stop this and place both feet in front. This is one of the reasons he falls getting up from his lift chair. He wants me to help him a lot.


Last week we had an episode with his swallowing. I was making his lunch and he was only drinking his milk. He started coughing and then gasping for air. This didn't seem to stop so I called 911. The dispatcher said not to slap him on the back. What? This is how I got the piece of fish out when he was coughing before. Anyway, hitting on the back can lodge the object further down! The Heimlich is best and the one firefighter demonstrated it. They have a class on CPR and First Aid. I might look into this but the class is at night for 3 hours. Anyway, they said Larry must have swallowed some air and this caused spasms. I thought maybe he had something lodged from breakfast! The fire department has everything on Larry's medical history in their computer now. I also have a file on the counter for them and a key hidden outside they know about. I have a file on myself too as it has mostly my meds and doctors. The fire dept. is about 10 min from our house. They always encourage to call them even when he just needs to be lifted. They asked if Larry wanted to go to the hospital and he said "no" and I said I would call his doctor. I am now taking him for another ENT check with same doc as last year!


The weather has been warm and sunny. I went for a walk and encouraged Larry to go but he wouldn't budge. I did get him to sit out on the patio for a spell. I tried to get our cat, Lucy, out so I could brush her, but she suddenly is afraid to go out. lol Maybe she still thinks it is cold out. So spoiled! The other cat is too afraid to even think of going out.


Our kids want to do a kind of intervention on Larry to get him to do more things. He doesn't want to go out, doesn't use the computer, read, eat, or exercise. He is happy just watching TV and now baseball. I think it may be time for an anti depressant change but hard to convince Larry's doctor of this. My daughter will be in town for this intervention, and Larry thinks so much of her that he may listen. At least the kids will show more attention to him. Larry's kids usually give their mom the priorty. Anyway, I don't think it can hurt. Maybe the kids will realize what I go through.


So happy to see spring and the flowering trees start to bloom. Hate winter and bundling up everytime we go out. I just hope Larry will "spring forward".




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Julie, Spring always gives us women the urge to do a makeover and that includes our husband! Good planning with PT and some extra TLC could do wonders for Larry, keep at it. I agree another voice can make a difference so with your daughter onside that should help a lot.


I am glad the choking episode was just a minor problem, they are so scary and you do feel as if a major crisis has loomed and faded.


Rejoice in your spring. Go outside yourself as much as you can, some time in the sun with a book always did wonders for me. Really enjoy the changes in the air as your world comes to life again. If Larry joins you that is a bonus.



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Julie: Larry is improving so quickly with the new PT. And I can certainly understand that he needed a day off, but I know my Julie - and that won't happen again - LOL.


I am glad your daughter is coming and you have her support. Please do try to enforce to Larry's children the need to be soft and slow. This is not a super intense, in your face to Larry and I just pray his children understand that.


Please send me your weather. Another week ahead, cold, snow showers Tudsday night. Today was supposed to be warmer, dreary all day and now cold rain. I got the deck furniture out hoping that we could spend some time outside yesterday and today, but no go. Cold and damp. Good week and take 5 in the sun for me. Debbie

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I can understand over doing it at PT. Wm would have refused to go again. At least Larry will go again. I am glad that your daughter is willing to help you both. Wm loves to sit and watch TV.

But, Wm did go swimming and did Yoga and had his MD visit today.


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Yes, the paramedics know us well. For someone who was once an ER nurse who never, once, called an ambulance in all her child-raising years, I sure have made up for it in the last 2 or so. I'm sure grateful for them, though. I have a lot of fears about the things that can happen in our home with Lauren's multiple health issues but choking is high on the list. When one of our grandsons was in my care (he was about a year and a half), he choked on a small bite of apple and it was really bad. I called 911 (again, something I never did). By the time they got here, he had managed to cough it out. Scared me beyond all kind of scared. Choking still sends me into a frenzy. I've not quite figured out how to effectively do the heimlich with Lauren in a wheelchair but I'd have to give my best shot if it ever comes to that.


Good luck on the gathering with the kids. I hope it goes well and that they do see how things are there. I think our kids have trouble seeing us vulnerable and in need of help. I'm sure it will be good for both of you to be with them. ~~Donna

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