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Tornado season plus more problems with Larry



We had a major storm blow through last week and I had to take Larry to the basement. We have a railing and I held on to him for dear life! Slow but sure! The tornado passed us but went north and one community had extensive damage to homes blown away. Thankfully, no one was hurt. We had over 100 mile winds, rain, and hail in some areas. Why can't we just have nice warm weather? :(


Larry has been going to his PT and trying to learn not to drag that left affected leg. His balance was tested on a "Nuero Board" and it was good. He has been doing his exercises around the house. I don't know if he will need the brace yet.


Larry's swallowing seems to have gotten worse. I had to call 911 recently as he was choking and gagging on his milk! We went to the ENT again last week and he checked his throat. He thinks he may be aspirating so ordered another swallow test X-Ray. He said the increased coughing is another sign of this. Then, that will probably generate speech therapy again. It's getting harder to give him things he can eat plus things he likes to eat! :notfair:


Larry also has an appointment with his urologist Monday. It never ends. Or should I say, doctors appointments from one end to the other! lol


The good news is the weather has been good the last two days. I hope I can persuade Larry to get out of the house. He loves to watch baseball so I can't deny him that. He can watch Jeopardy and baseball but I will have to block other shows he wastes his time on. lol




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I hate those back to back doctor visits. I recently declared, no more than two doctors per week from now on. I get crazy!


Ray only watches Discovery, NatGeo and all those kinds of channels. Then we both sit down with a DVD from the library most nights after dinner. I am so glad he doesn't watch the really mindless shows, I tell myself it's almost like high school AV days or going on an "armchair" journey. Doesn't seem to be hurting him.

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scarey --- in my condo we dont have a basement or storm shelter.... if we have enough notice we can go to aprils, but this has been on my head as well... i guess inside closet will have to do.... take it easy with the doc appts man they can wear a person out...

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Tornado warnings really scare me now. We have a great basement space that's completely protected but no way Lauren can get there. We have just tried to find the most protected space on the main floor and pad it, hope for the best. Keep the meds in a nearby closet.


"Doctors appts from one end to the other"--LOL! That's our life! We also have increasing issues with choking. I don't like it at all. Another big fear of mine. Thankfully, the ambulance is nearby so response time is fast. I haven't had to call them for Lauren's choking yet but have been heading to the phone several times when he finally cleared his airway.


Our weather this weekend is wonderful for sitting out on the deck. I'm all over that. Gives my spirits a boost. Still a bit chilly for Lauren, though. He is very sensitive to cold right now and doesn't like it outside unless it's 80 degrees with no breeze. Hope you get some outside time together this weekend. ~~Donna

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Julie: just praying your tornado season will not be as difficult as it has been last two years. How you and Larry do it is beyond me. I think we have had two in Connecticut in my lifetime, one Bruce was driving home from work. Guess we all do bet with what we have weather-wise regularly, like blizzards! LOL.


Go easy. Deal with one problem at a time and take the time to sort out what results are and what options are offered. Let us know. Debbie

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You said, "Why can't we just have nice warm weather?" Well it may just be that you are not in Hawaii or some Island where the sun shines until late evenings like any place with sandy beaches and sunshine. But if we were that lucky we probably couldn't pay the bill to keep us cool? I thought about that same thing here in central Texas but so far we had like you a mixture of weather conditions every week.


But what the heck we'll take what we get and do our best to enjoy the days. Larry like me will enjoy just seeing another day if we get outside or not. Some days I don't get any farther than my garage with the little puppy on her leash right beside me. She won't complain at all inside or outside!


I hope he is better today and back to normal. I got eye surgery on the 18th with preop and prep tomorrow until.



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THose tornadoes are too scary. Those doctor's visit are not fun either. Take care. I do hope that the weather gets better for you.


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