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hubby & I are so ying & yang



I have been married to my hubby for 20+ years & we have gone through lot of ups & downs of life together,its surprise to me that even after 20+ years I am still learning something new about him every day, ofcourse makes me love him more deeply. There are some things about him I don't like but ofcourse no one is perfect even though when I would like to believe I am, but even I am not perfect lol. Anyway I know we make perfect team as parents for our child. I am bad cop who nags & micromanage kido's daily activities, and he takes care of being good cop, so we are perfect in that respect. Yesterday we had meeting with our financial advisor & while coming from meeting & on the road noticed something else, he is very adventurous on road & in finance, versus I am very conservative. I will not go on road unless I know the way. I am same way in finance. I don't know since we r married for long time thats why we compensate for others deficits or what, but I know this I am luckiest & greatful women in world to have such a wonderful partmer who completes me.




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Asha: I have always said that about Bruce and I - polar opposites. But that is what makes the union so solid and functional. Where one is weak, the other takes over. And haven't you noticed that over that 20 years, there were times when one had to be the most dominant in order to get you through the tough times. And weren't you so thankful! You get to the end of a crisis and either are so glad you were the support in order for him to deal with the issues or so thankful he was there to pick you up, dust you off and say "Good Job!"


I reflect on that a lot these days. Gets me through the bad times. I am in the batter's box right now, but had so many years when I was just the ball boy. LOL. Debbie

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I know from my own experiences being married to three different women that were all different there is a ying and yang I went through it time and time again and I stood fast to what my mom taught me on how to treat women. That alone kept me from doing anything stupid to any of them or myself as we see so much of these days.


My marriage this time is so, so much like a marriage should be in my little mind and for 15 years now I couldn't ask for anything any better. I haven't had an argument even and we tend to agree on many family situations that comes up periodically. She is the one for me and I feel she was God sent to me and I appreciate that so much. I was tired of having to just walk away from the other marriages. But they all add up to 53 years being married for me good and bad they all counted with two kids from the first marriage.


I hope you and hubby many more peaceful years of marriage and before you know it you'll have over 50 years and grand kids too. How sweet that will be!

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Awww come on Asha, we all know you are perfect! lol. Sincerely, congrats on your many years of happiness. It sounds like to me that you both have figured out how to balance each others strengths and weaknesses out. I like to think Lesley and I have made some progress in that same area.

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