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I have come so far in my recovery in every way



sometimes stroke recovery is so slow that you don't notice minor improvements, but slowly I have started noticing minor changes in me which I am happy & thankful about so thought about writing. No one likes change in their life & learning new things given choice I was not interested. I know every time this board changed for upgrade or yahoo e-mail or microsoft office changed I would hate learning new things & will go back & use my old ancient way of using products I am so used to it, but it used to frustrate & aggravate me thinking whole world is against me and out to get me lol. not anymore now I view it as a challenge to my brain & it no longer annoys me & I am enjoying in solving new puzzle. Who would have thought learning how to bookmark your page & create folders will bring so much joy in my life. I am grateful for this new mindset




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Asha I was one of those people that could skim text & get alot out of it - great memory when learning new loved a mental puzzle.

Now as you know it is so frustrating to learn something new - I still run from it.

afraid to get a smart phone . & I have lots of computer experience just want to avoid the fristration.

You've always found such a good attitude & are such an inspiration


Susan from Alberta Canada

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PS Asha still trying to learnOffice 2010 & find it awfully complicated I started using MS office in 1992 & have worked up from there changing every few years I am frightened of Windows 8 - such a big jump.

I KNOW if I could do it on an earlier vs - there will be a way to do it on most recent version.


instead of annoyance I, too must see the challenge I at one time could do

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Good for you we all can't say that but we are still trying to recover as you are every day and learning new things are always interesting with how much we lost to the stroke.


You know a stroke takes out one side of the brain, one side of the body, the ability to speak, the eye sight, the ability to walk, and most of all the ability to care for yourself until you recover a great deal. So when look at how far we have come back from a stroke it's amazing all by itself.


On top of that we still could be without many functions for life, we sure hope not, so we try hard to recover what we can sooner rather than later. You are on your way to a NEW LIFE of doing things for yourself now. I'm proud for you Asha!

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Asha,you are doing well, especially with all the new technology. It is not just stroke survivors who suffer learning it all. I am still on Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003. It is all I need. I am directionally challenged and my daughter in law thought I should have a GPS. We hardly ever leave the community we live in except to go to the doctor's and to our kids. I don't know that I need it. Aging is another thing to get use to. lol



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Asha, you have such a "can do" attitude. I too am challenged by changes and often waste time fighting them instead of overcoming them. It was you who taught me the importance of going with the flow instead of wasting my energy fighting my way back upstream.



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