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just rambling



sometimes I feel my blog is my dear diary with who I talk to lol though I thrive on supporting comments I get from, well what do you know that is my love language I feel loved by words of affirmation, so no wonder I enjoy blogging so much since with positive comments I feel so loved lol. Recently read 5 love language by Gary chapman, great book learnt so much. ofcourse hubby & I both speak different love languages, but over the years learn to adjust accordingly so we never had trouble. After stroke I have realised I am responsible for my own happiness & what my hubby or family did should not affect my happiness. important lesson thanks to stroke




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You know Asha, I pray we (my wife & I) are able to travel up your way from Texas one day to meet you, hubby and the kids before they get to college and gone.


You remind me so much of my eye doctor Sing at the VA who happens to be from India and a super nice lady. Her husband is also a doctor and they have two boys maybe younger than yours by looking at their picture on her desk.

I imagine Sing is her married name so have no idea about a maiden name or what part of India she's from. But keep rambling we love your words!

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