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Aphasia Off & On



Bob has many days, when he just can't get 2 words together, so hard for him to not be able to express one idea. Fortunately for him, I know him well.


However, last night he wasn't watching anything in particular, so I put on something I was interested in, and he pointed to go back to his room, where he likes to goof off, look at hot wheels, sort things.


Later that night, he says, "I hope it didn't feel offensive, that I didn't stay for your program".... HUH?


I tried not to look shocked and replied, "well, it is like we watch what you want or you take your toys and go home and never want to watch anything with me". He replied, "I'll do better next time".


Today he's back to pointing to his socks and saying, "Cut scizzors off" and his leg pillow and saying "banana peel sub".


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That is so frustrating. The sad thing is it's typical of stroke recovery. The good news is that now that he's putting sentences together, there will be more times when he can. Try to hold on to last night and know more will come. Last night was more than a sentence. The sentence showed consideration for your feelings. Thats a huge thing.

You two make a great stroke team!



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I am fortunate that he thinks of me and notices if I need to take it easy. He doesn't want to get up when I do. If I come for him too soon after I wake up, he says, "No, go take some time" He knows I'm very stiff in the morning.

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Sandy, Mike is the same way with his arm and leg. One day he can walk all on his own, use his hand and arm, then there are some days they will hardly move! I guess its just the way things are with stroke. I sometimes wonder if it will ever one day come back and stay. Guess we will just have to continue tring and hoping for teh best

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Sandy :


I am so glad Bob is able to express his feelings to you on good aphasia days, so many men without aphasia still cant & won't express their feelings.



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Sandy - well on his way. Slow go certainly, but those days when they are right on are just so wonderful and there will be many more when he is on! Good going. Debbie

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