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Taking Control of My Sanity



Dear Friends, I have taken some steps, thanks for all the advice, keep it coming on the elder lawyer situation!


I will list the things that are helping me improve my stress:


1. Got to old house and was able to get more work done (always helps me feel better)


2. Took lever know off storm door = cat can no longer hang there and tear the screen


3. Made appt to have aircond/furnace man come out


4. Made appt to have foundation looked at


5. Located elder lawyer & he was minutes from my home! Will stop by today to pick up brochures to help me prepare for Friday appt


6. Rescheduled Bob's neurologist appt, as he was supposed to get a blood test and she called asking me why they didn't have the results, and I'm thinking they never really ordered it, but oh well, will get it when the weather clears and got a new appt.


7. Tired of waiting for one niece to pick up the baby clothes for her pregnant sister - it's been 6 weeks! Will find a box and work on mailing them today!


8. Continuing my paper work (medical receipts) for taxes.


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So it sounds like all you had to do was get moving and calling to make good things happen. Just think of how it will be when you hit the lottery and win millions. After you fill up the saving account to the max the bank will insure you can afford services you never knew you needed and Bob will start walking and driving again he'll be so happy.


I'm glad you got things done without a lot of hassle. I guess that's called listing your priorities and get things done by whatever means. I'm proud of you care giver and engineer of the house.

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I am glad you are getting all your ducks in order. I have noticed for me post stroke if I am organised well to take care of needs of our son, I feel better, but of-course he being teenager does not do what he has been asked to do right away. I used to be big procrastinator of not doing things which I don't like doing. Prestroke I could hurry up & get things done, post stroke not so much so learnt my lesson & have become good in organizing. I am so glad you are doing it, life becomes so much easier when things are organized.



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Right after I made my appt I talked to my mom and told her I had done it. She immediately asked why I didn't use the free one. Huh? The senior citizens apparently have retired lawyers that help seniors with all their legal needs.

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Sandy: good going. Glad you are feeling better. I always feel better when I can get some things of the list. Remember to get some time in there for yourself. Debbie

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