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Cabin fever



Well we are in the "oh no, it is March again" time. Too warm to do any real outdoor winter activities like snowshoeing (snow is too wet and sticky), ice fishing (lakes have slush under the snow on the ice), etc, etc. So what is a poor guy to do? Well the friend I build the Erector models with has been coming over and we are busy finishing the amusement park models. We now have the airplane ride, ferris wheel, merry go round, and high wire acrobat built. Still have two more to build, probably won't get them done this winter, fishing season starts in two months. Yipppee!


Lesley is off to New Zealand for five weeks to visit mum. I will be a bachelor and this time I don't really have any big projects to do. Guess I will get my fishing tackle ready to go.


I am going to Elkhart, Indiana the first weekend in May with my model building friend to a display of model steam engines, trains, and Erector sets. We might display some of our models there. I just bought a wooden erector set. Very rare. They only made them from 1943 to 1947 due to the shortage of steel. My friend, who is a majician with wood told me he can make any parts I might need for the set. Neat. Lesley and I might also be going to the national erector set convention in Chicago in mid July. That is yet to be determined, depends on the progress on the garage we are having built for the motorhome.


I do have a minor medical issue that has developed. My right knee sometimes "clicks" and nearly gives out on me. It comes and goes, usually doesn't last but a day or so then returns to normal. When it flares I just use my cane for safety. I am having a MRI later this month to get to the bottom of it, I suspect it is just "uncle arthur" visiting me again. What the treatment will be is still unknown till we get the MRI results. If it involves surgery it will have to wait until next winter. I refuse to give up a summer of camping and fishing just to have a surgery.


Otherwise medically, all is going well. Weight is down to my ideal weight, exercise is going well. I am being very consistent about it. I tried to cut back to twice a week once I reached my goals, but found I just go lazy and had a hard time even doing it once a week. Now that I am back on three times a week I am having no motivation problems. Strange. Fortunately the knee dr. cleared me to continue my full exercise program, even the leg exercises. More good medical news: no problem with my blood pressure since I have gone off my blood pressure pills or my cholesterol since I went off that pill as well. Losing weight and exercising helps, I guess.


Well, time to go remember to set your clocks forward. Spring forward!


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Spring forward for you, fall back for me in three weeks time. Sorry to see our summer go but hoping for a loooong autumn of warm and balmy days for us here on the coast. Inland it was a long hot summer, here the summer was over 110 a few days at a time, then back to overcast weather and long days of rain. Not the sort of summer I really like.


I am glad you have a hobby that works for you during the slushy days. I remember the mud that happened when heavy snow melts occurred in the south of England where I lived till I was seven, wearing what we called wellington boots to school and still gettting frozen toes and chilblains. I wouldn't swap our weather here for that.


(((hugs))) for you and Lesley from Sue.

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George, I was just sitting here thinking of going fishing again soon out on the pier at Ft. Hood on my scooter. I use one rod & reel with one hand but I do pretty good catching catfish using minnows. It's been cold lately so I stay home then.


You mentioned trying to get the garage finished for the motor home. Man I still miss having mine I sold to buy the house in 2000 and I think about getting a smaller one pretty soon if I stay as active as I am now. I had a 31 footer, class A but no slide out, it was an older one I bought in 1994 when I retired from the Post Office.


It's just me and the wife now so I will get something she can drive and park too. I can start saving money for gas now. The other one had a 80 gal tank but gas was just over a dollar a gallon then. I got a cement slab already next to the house and driveway with hook ups, just got to decide when to buy. I still got my tall extend-a-stay 80lb propane tank full on the patio.


Maybe if you come to Texas we can do a little camping and fishing too.

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