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Maybe Spring is on the horizon?



So the wild Italians have all returned to New Hampshire. I finally got a well-deserved two hour nap this afternoon, in quiet - no TV and after some quality sister time, am back on track.


Mary and I talked of the long winter, lack of sunshine and the new moon. She was delayed coming in due to nine more inches of snow Thursday into Friday, Saturday and Sunday sunny and warm - 50 degrees. Hoping Spring has arrived in New England. Its been a long month. We were on such a nice roll in getting the house cleaned out, donations made. Then medical problems with both Bruce and Kira, so redirection. And with the major changes, Bruce is off routine, always trouble. Any down time I had last two weeks was phone calls, follow ups, shoveling snow.


Kira: her calcium levels are in fact elevated. This is not good for a cat. Vet has her on a specific diet that has helped other hypercalcmic cats. Kira is a fussy eater - grazer at best. But four days in and she is holding her own. My fear is that she is so stubborn, will just refuse to eat. But so far, so good.


Bruce's oral surgery went well. In true Bruce fashion, he was back on solid foods in 48 hours. He was able to get to Botox the next day. It was pouring rain and Botox is no fun deal, so I was quite proud that he insisted we go. It is the constant reminders of what he needs to do every single day that gets tiring. One thinks an issue is just routine - like flossing, and then it isn't. We just spent $1100. on your mouth, what don't you get about that? Part of the frustration is just that important, every day basics require constant reinforcing. Sometimes it seems that when Bruce feels I am letting up, he just lets stuff go. My point is that this is your responsibility. You must get it done and I am not the police!


Am getting some great advice and help with the new menu planning and when I told friends, they too have stepped up. We are still working at healthy eating, getting the caregivers on board and working on a stockpile so that I can spend a little less time in the kitchen. Microwave blew last week - have to replace that. And my pro here suggests a small food processor, so that is on the list. And I have scheduled in a hair cut - much needed. Two of Bruce's friends are coming for a day so I am going to forego working and get some things off the list.


Bruce is dealing with the new grocery list. No more M&M coupons. I try to plan the meals for the week with the new ingredients. And now after a couple of weeks, am learning what works, we were ready for a big shop. I try to get the list to Bruce by Thursday, when the sales brochure comes, so he has more time to absorb and understand the new ingredients. Then when the coupon brochures arrive on Sunday, he is centered. Our pro here also warned that we would be looking for things we had no clue where they were. And she was right. Me pushing Bruce pushing a grocery cart involves no mistakes. You miss an item and have to recircle is time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately Bruce has no problem going to the magazine aisle especially when the new Car magazines come out. In the past, I could socialize a bit - lots of neighbors, friends and ex-patients. Now I just have eyes on where I am and what I need - LOL. Ran into a co-worker today - Bruce cuts coupons for her - and she had to call my name three times before I realized what was happening.


Interesting thing today. Bruce, since he is in a WC, is pretty noticeable and we always shop on Sundays. People come up to him and and say "you are the Coupon guy" so this was unexpected. We did have a major shop for us and the computer made several errors that we caught. But I was amazed at the response from both the staff and the shoppers behind us. I realized later that we did not have a camera crew or an aisle cleared just for us. I sent him back off to look at the Diabetes magazine for this month while I battled it out. Floor manager was a young kid and just wonderful. But $242.00 to $5.00 was important. This took us hours and you Rock Bruce!


Interesting week ahead. Our Pema is back on Wednesday and there are not appointments or service people due in. I am looking forward for a cooler week, but only rain. And again with Pema's return another change in the schedule. And am just looking to some quiet time. Debbie


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so glad for your quiet time.... and yes bruce rocks !! glad perma is back, and hopefully Kira keeps eating.. i bought one of those ninjas ( blender) processor love, love ,love it.... crushes ice for smoothies like none other... and it has a dough thingy i doubt i will ever use but for making smoothies and the like it is great...wasent crazy expensive..and i am so glad you got time with sister and a NAP !!!! oh those wonderful NAPS... the kind you only get when things are OK even if only for a little bit..

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Nine more inches of snow? Are you sure spring is on the horizon for your area?? But it's almost March now so the sun has to shine all day pretty soon to melt all that snow so you can see the ground again, it's been awhile.


You been holding out on that premium cat food by Chef Michael and Kira been looking at the commercials on TV. Heck, I was almost tempted to give it a try.

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Must be in the air, change of seasons and all precipitating changes in all of us. Sounds like you are coming down the other side of the mountain with Bruce's health issues, and really not that long in the scheme of things. Enjoy your down time while you can!


Oh and if I didn't mention it previously, Gerber and Beechnut baby foods are a low cost sub (on sale of course) for the Petco top of the line canned can stuff. Ask your vet of course, but I learned this trick from the breeder we got our Siamese from many years ago. Back then, they advised IAMs but obviously things have changed! Protein levels are key, and for that you need a smaller company.

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Fred: LOL - and I thought the same thing when I saw the ads - HA!


Kira's food is Hills Prescription Diet W/D-low fat, diabetic, gastrointestinal. Kind of ironic that she gets put on a Diabetic diet two weeks after Bruce. While she is not diabetic, somehow the chemistry of this particular food can lower calcium level - at least with the two other cats the Vet is taking care of. But, because it is diabetic, she has to eat 1 1/2 cans a day (and these are the 5.5oz cans) in order to meet her nutritional needs. So it is a relatively easy start to try and fix this. She'll be retested again in 4 weeks and we shall see where we go from there.

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Hate to interfere, but be careful, the first two ingredients in that cat food are wheat and corn, not the greatest for diabetes, nor weight loss. Calcium is a tough one though . Don't think there's any real meat in there at all. Vets have a thing for Science Diet but do a little research independantly; I would never say anything against your vet but it's good to check things out yourself too, especially when a loved one's health is at stake. Plus compare prices with something comparable at Petco, you will be surprised . Maybe wait the four weeks and if she's not much improved, then do your due diligence. Canned is a good start though, for sure, hydration is great for the kidneys, which is what is affected by calcium. Just like people, it's hit or miss until you hit the right one, but you will know right away when you get it right.


Good luck, so hard taking care of so many, multiple health problems at the same time!

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I hope spring is around the corner! We have lucked out so far with the snow but March is not over. The crocuses are coming up which is a sure sign. Our temps are warming again by the end of the week.


I'm glad Bruce is on the mend with his oral surgery. I feel your pain there as Larry just had an unpleasant visit with his pediodontist. Larry does not do his part and I can't brush for him even tho I tried.


I hope Kira's diet helps. I know what a worry it is when they won't eat.



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