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Secure or too secure



I am a simple person. Well, on some things I am a simple person.


My Comcast telephone just disconnected any time it wanted - two minutes, one hour; didn't matter. I knew it was in their lines, but three visits for Service and no improvement, I just accepted it. We were just home from the Stroke and I had the Cell phone and much more important things to deal with. When they added HD two years later, more equipment and doubled our price. AT&T was soliciting on the street. They offered same bundle service at the old price we were paying, paid for new wireless telephones, one extra TV. But the big bonus was they gave me personal business cards to the Tech guy and the Sales Rep. And both of them call back within 1/2 hour. Nice benefit.


I don't care about high speed or premium channels. I need for the TVs to work, the phone to not disconnect and to get on-line for maybe two sites -this being one. I do not purchase on-line, pay my bills on-line or surf the Net. So this was perfect. At one year, when our contract was up, I called as I was advised and asked for them to continue at the same price - disability - and not only did they do that, we got some premium channels. Upside to this is there are no commercials on the premium channels - less channel surfing - LOL. I should offer that as a promotion to their Sales office.


So I get a mailing that I can now get McAfee Security free. Who is better than me? Spent half hour last night downloading it, did the scan and then went off to Chat. As I logged on here, get the POP - WHOA - we haven't approved this site. I check I want to go there anyway. Get into Chat and 40 minutes later disconnect. Diagnostics says it is McAfee. Can't log back in. Knowing there were problems here earlier, I Email a fellow caregiver and go to bed. Get home from work today, go to Email, no site did not crash last night. An hour and a half later, computer sharing, 3 reps, finally the site is available.


Now an hour and a half off routine here is disaster. After dinner and a shower for Bruce, I get back on-line and can't get here again. I uninstalled all of the McAfee and finally have my computer back.


I know why McAfee questioned this site. We are not Facebook. There is a very select clientele that comes here. And for my own personal sanity, I need to be here. One would think a company of McAfee's size and their quality, it would be a simple matter of just calling up the site and allowing it for the customer. If I click that I allow the site, one would think that would be enough.


There are some things I wanted to discuss in Chat, blog or topic; I always like to read through the new stuff, help if I can. But after a day like this, just want to vent. Sue said it best last night "computers are great when the work!" Debbie


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Actually Strokenet is the one site that doesn't usually get blocked, I think the security system looks more for the big websites. I had McAfee, I had Norton, had them all and they're all the same. Now I have Webroot and it's even worse, even though I had to pay for antivirus for the first time. It blocks everything if I look at something, leave, and come back too soon. I do have the year long Best Buys service package so really have to let them log in and check it out someday. Obviously too sensitive. But the Stroke website itself has been down off and on the last few days, with a "fatal error" so it might not be you at all.

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Not being able to get on this site yesterday was hard for everybody because Lenny called me to see if I could get on site and I couldn't like everybody else couldn't. Today was about the same because just after noon there were only about 18 people that had been on site and the same message appeared as yesterday.


I don't suppose it was McAfee or anything like that to cause the site not to show. I have had Time Warner cable, Internet and phone for years and no problems. I have AT&T cell phone and IPad.

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Debbie :


yesterday site was down for few hours & I can't login with my new IE to chatroom, though I can get into chatroom from google chrome, so I use google chrome to login to SN. I hate computers too, though love them when they work fine without my intervention lol.



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Guest lwisman


I use McAfee. It has been recommended to me from several places as the best on the market. When you first run most internet services many websites are not approved, You are given the chance to approve the website. This is to protect you.


We have Comcast and do battle with them at times. At one point I wrote them a long letter and my sister delivered to their office. The result was a visit from a supervisor with a crew. They fixed the main problem. It seems they used a contractor when we had our addition added and they did a really bad job of wiring Anyway, Comcast is a lot better these days. The other day our internet, TV and phones all went out. I phoned on my cell and got a message that there was a problem in my area and that it would be fixed by 6:15, It was fixed by 3 -- about an hour after everything went out. One day there was problem with phone and they fixed it in a few minutes remotely. I have also learned a lot about resetting over the years.


Keep plugging away. It does get better. BTW, I had bad experiences with AT&T ten years ago and vowed never to use them again. I expect they have also improved over the years.

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Seems like I couldn't get on here for about 2 days, but it's working today!


Uh.... hey.... what's that you are saying about a disabled price for ATT? ... and I wonder if other companies offer that???

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Fred: thank you for the info about the site crash. Guess I made the McAfee change at the exact wrong time - LOL. It is uninstalled right now, but once things are back to OK here, may try it again. I was so exhausted last night I couldn't think, so thank you again for the recentering. Debbie

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well I'm gonna see if my new laptop lets me reply to blogs..... i bought a apple for exactly the reasons you guys are talking abut ..the darn antivirus, apples dont usually get viruses i guess... but does it work here ???

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Best Buys assured me that every computer gets viruses, including Mac. At least I bit the bullet and bought their yearly computer service, and when I'm not sure they log into my computer remotely and check it all out. It really annoys me that people get their jollies messing up innocent peoples pleasures.

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