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Off To The Races Again Today



We are out of here today in a couple hours going to Shreveport for a little gambling with free rooms tonight and Saturday night but Sunday will cost us 19 bucks. So the wife needs a little respite time in the casino on her penny machines she is so lucky on. She's been a pretty good care giver so I got to drive her there to enjoy a big seafood dinner tonight and steak Saturday night all at half price for over 50 guess. So by the time you read this blog we should be on the road. I'm not taking the lap top so I will check back on Monday.


My grand daughter has been gone since last Friday to see her dad in San Antonio and should be back Sunday for school on Monday and her little puppy I been caring for as usual. So I get a break too because I can never leave her too far. When I move just look behind me there she is looking up at me.


We are taking jackets for inside the casino otherwise the weather is suppose to be hot, in the 80's. So wish us luck and we shall return on Sunday night probably not too rested. My wife can play all day and night except to stop for the big buffet to eat. I will be on my scooter and moving around to the quarter machines.


If they don't pay off in my first twenty dollars I put in I will cash out and find another machine. Sometimes I sat and watch other people put lots of dollars in a machine for hours then when they leave I will grab that machine and hit big on it sometimes. If I don't hit in my first 20 dollars I'm gone to find another machine. Of course I don't drink alcohol but the sodas keep coming free so when I leave one machine the lady will find me if I'm still in her section. They probably do that for all customers playing the machines.


See Ya!!


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have fun fred & good luck with your gambling outings. My sister's family are crazy about these casinos, so when she visits us from India we go to casinos more often, ofcourse I just stick by her side in her table games after loosing my $20 in slot machines lol.



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Guest hostwill


It's good to unwind. Have a great time Fred and tell Thanks to all the Vets you meet.


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Well, we are back, rested somewhat, but had a great time just being together and not working but eating good. I think I sat on my scooter at the machines so long I forgot how to walk. This was one of those times I can say I didn't loose nor did I win. I started with a 100 in my pocket and left there with a 100 in my pocket after one and a half days. I didn't take any chances this time around on the machines. In fact I played the same machine the whole time in spurts without getting greedy and losing my money.


When we went to eat in the big buffet we sat there for a long time eating or trying all the foods for the first time ever. So my wife was happy to get away for a change and a break it was our good rest time together for a change in a long time. Even the 5 hour drive there and back wasn't bad this time maybe everyone was still enjoying St. Patrick's Day at home or doing other things and not on the highways.

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