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Spring Is In The Air And One Day Away...I Think?



Spring is coming on time if we go by the calendar date. Should we go by what the weather is doing it's sorta hard to tell in some areas of the world. It seems the snow just keeps on coming to many areas that has their hearts set on Spring time weather.


It's kinda like our recoveries in some cases if it's a practical recovery or a full recovery. Either way Easter is also on the way and that always come just after Spring arrives. Then of course for so many of us this year we will find ourselves making trips back and forth to a Tax Preparer or doing out taxes at home ourselves.

Make sure you check all resources for the many changes in effect this year or you may be paying more taxes than you really owe. It's being reported by the IRS that many people filed taxes in 2009 with money due back to them but have not claimed their refunds yet.


I'm guessing many of them are military members that are now deceased. I have sent letters to the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staffs but no answers yet. I feel the military need to check names on that list to try and resolve this issue with money being tight like it is recently. So many of our military members are single and when they get killed overseas so much of their personal belongings never get sent back home.


I know, I worked in personnel for years and some of the personal things are not sent to the next of kin. Many of the next of kin are so hurt they never can open the baggage that does get sent to them and just want to remember a son, daughter, father or husband the way he was when they saw them last time.


At any rate on the weather, I hope all of you can get the chance to enjoy warmer weather and some sunshine instead of snow for a big change. Now the land down under (Australia) will change seasons too, except it will be winter for them I think? It's been so long since I was there now. Time flies by so before we realize it school will be out for the summer. After all the seasons only last about 90 days and when we get really busy time does fly by faster.


Well, I guess considering everything, I'm doing OK and my health is good but my pains has increased. I heard back from Medicare and they refused to pay for another heart monitor a few weeks ago and I can't get any more PT or OT for 6 more months. If they are cutting back on spending like that I sure hope they are catching the fraudulent claims these store front operations are getting away with charging them.


Speaking of that, did any of you see the FBI raid on the Scooter Store in New Braunfels, Texas a couple weeks ago??? I still see ads on TV but I think they are being checked out thoroughly by the FBI for claims that are fraudulent by crooked doctors everywhere. I suppose Medicare has been getting ripped off for many years making it harder for the many folks over 65 eligible for benefits as they need them.


I know I had to start drawing mine a few months before I was fully eligible because of the stroke but they kept 13% for that reason. Now that I'm nearing 72 I should start getting that difference they told me at that time should I live that long.


Maybe this will be a good Spring and Summer for me should I get the SS raise they promised on that 13% they with held 10 years ago. One thing for sure I got to finish my taxes soon or I will be looking April 15th right in the face for sending them my check again this year. Maybe next year I get a refund check or money in my account for a change??


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Guest lwisman




We are hoping for spring here also. It was 14 when I got up this morning, it is now 17 (at 10 am) and we are scheduled for a high of 24 today. This is not spring!


Yeah, I saw the news article about The Scooter Store. The government seems to be working harder at fraud. My Mom died in 1997 and a year later we received a letter from medicare that her SSN had been used in Wisconsin and did we know anything about it. Obviously she did not sneak off to Wisconsin for a doctor visit. She had been dead for a year. LOL .Anyway, it is good to know that they are working at it.


Best to you!



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Wow Fred, great blog. Won't the VA give you some help on what you need? I just got a MRI of my knee yesterday at the VA hospital in Minneapolis, MN. Great care. They are sending me to a local (Duluth,MN) doc of my choice since they are too backed up to do the surgery I need. Good luck, great keeping us up to date!

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