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My Turn For Computer Probelms I Guess!



Well, I just cannot get my computer enter key to skip down after a paragraph to get space between so it doesn't look all bunched up like a book page and very hard for us to read. The computer guy says it's not my Enter key it must be the site. Anyway I will get off for awhile write some letters and give it a real test. If it works there then it could be the site since we had all those members on line in one day. See, right here I need to skip down and leave a space. So, I'm gone for a day or two and see if it's on my end or not.


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Guest hostwill



Have a great week-end. When you return, maybe the computer gremlins will have left by then lol.


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Well I had a computer check up, changed keyboards three times and nothing works so I will go with what I got and pray a little more it changes to something good soon.

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